Whatsapp tricks & techniques

Whatsapp tricks

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app in the world. Because of it popularity whatsapp has millions of users who use the app at least one time in a day. Whatsapp. In this article , I will be telling you some whatsapp tricks which will be helpful to you as a whatsapp user.

This may be possible that you knew the tricks already but the innovation with those option are worth knowing. This article will help you become a whatsapp pro. I recommend you read the whole article for more information.

Top Whatsapp tricks used

  • Use Chat Shortcuts :- Sometimes multiple people start chatting with us at the same time. But if you create a chat shortcut in your home-screen, then the need of opening the chat window is lasts no longer. This can be done by doing this simple thing. Open whatsapp & long click on the contact which you want to add a shortcut. A option will appear “Add Chat Shortcut”. A chat shortcut will be added on your Home-screen.
  • Save your Whatsapp data :- Sometimes when we are a member of a whatsapp group where image & video sharing is too much & your data is just wasted on these media which is not as important to you.You can disable the auto download option from the setting. This can be done by following WhatsApp > Options > Settings > Data Usage. You can select the specific media to auto download or not.
  • Schedule your messages :- If you are not good in remembering the dates of birthday, These birthday dates could be of your close friends or girlfriend. The scheduling of messages can be done by a third party application known as Seebye Scheduler.This app is available in Android & iOS both.
  • New Broadcast :- Most of us knows about it. This feature allow us to send a single message to multiple contacts in a single click. You just need to create a broadcast list by following these steps. Open App > Options > New Broadcast > Choose contacts > Create broadcast list.

Th best part of this broadcast is that the reply of those contacts will be received privately.

Some more Whatsapp Tricks

  • Lock your Whatsapp :- There are several lock application that are used to lock your whatsapp chats. Sometimes children or some other people whom you need to keep your chat secret then the whatsapp lock is very helpful for you.

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  • Privacy features :- If you don’t want others to check your status , last seen , display picture or the blue tick, then use the privacy options for it. Follow this by setting> privacy . Here you can customize it by anyone ,  My contacts or Nobody.
  • Whatsapp Background :- You can change the whatsapp background. When you will be chatting with someone you can see the wallpaper. You can set a wallpaper by doing this options > wallpaper & now select an image or background color for the wallpaper.
  • Keep starred messages :- Many friends share many important information via whatsapp. Sometimes when we want to delete the messages but we we don’t want to delete those important messages like e-mail Id or something. If you will mark star with them then you can save those messages if you will delete the whole chat from it. To do so you just need to long click on the message & star them, now those starred messages will not get deleted if you delete other messages.

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