Advance YouTube Tips & tricks for Aspiring YouTubers in 2017

In the earlier articles on YouTube I told you about advance YouTube tips & tricks to work on your YouTube Channel. If you don’t know anything about the YouTube, then I suggest you to read those articles first from here. This article is dedicated to those who have some idea about working on YouTube. Some of these tricks can be used by viewers.

Advance YouTube Tips & tricks

YouTube is one of the biggest video store online. Nobody in this world exists who don’t use YouTube for watching videos. According to statistics, every minute 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Those who are killing time can use the YouTube to be a little productive & useful to himself and others. After reading completely, you will get a new dimension of YouTube which will turn you to be more productive on YouTube. Stay with us for Advance YouTube Tips & tricks. These Advance YouTube Tips & tricks will help you to become a better YouTuber in near future.

Keyboard Shortcuts

I assume that you know this already, but if anyone don’t then you can check these from here.
Space – Play or Pause
F  – Full screen
Esc – Exit Full screen
↑ – Increase Volume if less than maximum
–  Decrease Volume
← – Video Goes back 5 Seconds
→ – Video forward to 5 Seconds
You can also skip a bigger part of video if it is not useful to you. If you want to skip the 10% video then press 1, if 20% then press 2 , 30% for 3 & so on. Press 0 to get back to the start of video.
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Skip on a specific time

This will jump to the specific time given to the video. For example if you like to jump on 1 minute & 30 seconds, then simply do this.
To jump on 1 minute & 30 seconds edit the url of YouTube as shown.
After you will finish editing the url of video, press enter. The video will jump to 1 minute & 30 seconds.

Convert a YouTube Video into GIF

This is a very useful feature in YouTube which is a very innovative in nature. You can create a funny gif from the video & turn it to meme.
To do this simple task, just edit the url as given in this example.
After the edited url of video will be entered in browser than the video will be converted to a gif image. You can also add a caption in the video. This will help you to create beautiful gif images for your posting on social networks.

Advance YouTube Tips & tricks
Advance YouTube Tips & tricks

Repeat the Video or its part in a loop.

There are some moments in a video which we want to play for multiple times. This can be done by using repeater in the url of video. See the practical demo from below.
After you press enter for the new url, you will be directed to a new page which will ask you for the time interval of the video you want to play in a loop.

YouTube TV

Although many of us may be missing the TV experience on YouTube. You can use the TV interface on YouTube. In this Interface, you can easily use this interface by visiting to watch as TV.
Enjoy the interface with the newly discovered view. You can also use your smartphone as a remote in this mode. To know this trick you can read here.

Watch the block videos because of Country & Area restrictions

Sometimes a video you want to watch is restricted to you area because of any reason. Sometimes the video is more useful for us to watch & nothing to bypass the restriction. THis can be done by simply editing the url like this.

Download YouTube Videos

Most of us are able to download videos from YouTube with a third party software which capture the link from the video & download it for you. This can be done without any software. Add ss in the url to like this
It will take you a new page where it will ask to download the video in various format & video sizes.

Accurate search on YouTube

To find the exactly same video you search in YouTube can’t be done by the simple search method. It will show you many related video to the keyword. Do this by using this keyword in query i.e. allintitle.
allintitle : RCB vs CSK match highlights 2009
This line will provide you the exact video of this title.

Some more YouTube tricks

Some of these option are seen below the video.
Autoplay : Turn on the autoplay option to play the next video in the list.
Speed : You can select the video speed. There are option like 1, 1.5, 2x speed for a video play.
Subtitles : Turn on the subtitles if you have less understanding for the video language.
Tools for YouTubers : There are various tools to edit a video in YouTube.
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