How to Use Stalkscan for scanning a Facebook Profile – FB Profile Scanner

Stalkscan for scanning a Facebook Profile

Stalkscan facebook Instagram Profile stalking application online tool for stalking. Put facebook profile link and check all the public details of it

A Belgian computer expert has built a tool that can show all the public information that can be seen by anyone. The name of this tool is Stalkscan. You can find Facebook account information. This tool is 100% legit & do not break any guidelines on Facebook. The link to the Facebook profile of anyone can be used to see his public information.

Find Facebook Account Information in Stalkscan Scan Facebook

As we are providing you so much information about Facebook. There is a new update from Facebook technology. This time the update is not directly from Facebook.With this online, you can find Facebook account information. This is a very simple tool which can tell you how much information from a Facebook profile is left public. This tool is totally authentic in using, as it is not violating the Facebook guidelines.

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How to Use Stalkscan – Stalkscan App Apk

Anyone who knows to use computer can open the site & put the link of Facebook profile in the given text-box. It will shows all the information & photos that can be seen publicly by anyone. Facebook has launched a feature in 2013 known as graph search. This feature can show you any information that is public to you. To know anything from a profile you have to type a long query.

Stalkscan is an extension of a Facebook Search Query – Stalkscan Instagram

This tool can bypassed the need to write the query. Now you can just input the Facebook profile link & all the information will be shown in after clicking enter. This shows the power of an ethical hacker. There is no violation of any Facebook guideline. This tool will be used by anyone. No technical knowledge is used to use the Information server.

There are many people who always tries to find the activity log of their dear ones who are not added in their Facebook account, especially their crushes. Girls should be very careful on this discovery. For all those who are reading this must check their profile & find which of the information from their profile is public. This tool can be used by anyone to create a information database of anyone. This will be very helpful for stalkers, more people will be misusing it.

In my view the most important news will come from the Facebook. How the powerful social Giant will react on this development. May be they could remove Stalkscan from Internet. We will update all the aspects of this news. Stay tuned with us.

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  1. Vanshanu
    May 30, 2017

    Stalkscan is totally legal, we are just checking the information which is left public

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