Earn via PayPal Referral link Program in 2017 – You can earn $100 via this referral program

If you have a US PayPal Account, then you can earn up to $100 by referring it to the friends. In this post you will be able to read a simple way by which PayPal is paying money to you. Read this article carefully to earn via PayPal referral.

Earn via PayPal Referral Program

PayPal is one of the largest online payment service used by people across the Internet. It is mostly used by those who are using online transaction through Internet. It is the award winning payment service.
When PayPal was started then they started giving $20 for a new account & $20 if you refer someone and he join PayPal. After some time the offer was closed as they do not need to do this because they have already so many users with them.
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Now again they have started the offer to earn via PayPal referral program again. I don’t have the reason exactly why it happened. I supposes that the increase in the competition of other payment services, they are not used as they were before. The monopoly is not as the same it was.

Process to Earn via PayPal referral

So if you are interested to earn the money with PayPal. I am going to describe the method for you. Maximum $100 can be earned by the referral program.
You need a US PayPal Account which is in a good standing. If your account is good enough for it then you can earn $100 maximum by just inviting your friends by email.
The person who will open a US PayPal Account by your reference will get $5 when he will make a valid transaction.
A transaction is considered invalid if the payment of $5 is done by the person. This payment can’t be cancelled or reversed by the person, if it is done then it is known as invalid transaction.

How to get the PayPal Referral Link

To get the PayPal referral link, Use PayPal via mobile app. Install it using play store of App store.
Steps to earn via PayPal referral

  • Log in to your PayPal account in the mobile app.
  • Click on the setting option.
  • Click on “Invite a friend and get $5” option.
  • Select the contacts whom you want to invite for.

earn via PayPal referral
earn via PayPal referral

If you want to post the referral link like notice on website or notice, then you have to invite yourself via your own e-mail.
Look, you can only refer to the contacts you are having in your email account. No one who is not in your e-mail account can be invited. A total of $100 can be earned from it.
If you are going to refer anyone in this referral program then you must tell them about the valid transaction clause. Tell them if they will make a $5 valid transaction then only you will be able to get the money. If anyone tries to make an invalid transaction then you will become an invalid member of the referral program for ever.
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