How to hide your IP while downloading Torrents

Everyone download files from torrent. Torrent provides you a safe downloading with controlled downloading. Due to the increased rules in downloading torrent, you need to be anonymous & Hide your IP address. The best option for anonymity is VPN & proxy for anonymous torrent.

How to download Anonymous Torrent

The most common used network to download a big size file such as videos & Games is still Torrent. 50% of traffic on Internet comes form Torrent. Due of increased download of Torrent, many rules are enforced in the Torrent activities.
Due to these rules many torrent websites were shut down last year. Now the situation is such that a torrent file can’t be downloaded because of less seeds.  There are many sites which are providing torrent access.
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Many of us download illegal data from torrent, those people must be restricted. But if you are downloading a free open source software then also many countries government are watching you. In that case we need to hide your Identity & then download a file.

Two methods to download torrents with revealing your Identity

Here are some tips which will let you Hide your Identity & stay anonymous during the whole file is downloaded to your device. The use of VPN is one of them.

anonymous torrent
anonymous torrent

If you use a VPN service then you can bypass the networks of Government & stay anonymous while your torrent. May be VPN is a new term to you. I have written a separate article for it. A VPN service is a service that changes your IP address, Geographical location & web traffic. This way no law organisation will be able to watch you.
When we use a VPN, then all the aspects that can reveal our Identity are changed with another ISP. So many of you will ask why everyone do not use it. The answer is very simple that is called awareness. Everyone is not aware about VPN which can secure the identity of your PC.
Using a VPN can let you do many things on Internet that are banned by your government. You can open many websites that your government do not want to show you. These services are like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.
Second method is proxy websites. If you use a proxy website then you will not get any benefit of a encryption. While selecting a proxy website you must see whether it supports torrent client or not.
After you will set the proxy or VPN you can check the DNSLeak  to confirm if your DNS is leaking or not.After all this you can enjoy your Internet without being caught by anyone.
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