Instagram new feature – Bookmark your private collections

Everyone knows the use of bookmark feature in the world of Internet. Instagram bookmark feature that will let the Instagram users to make a private collections in the account. This feature is named as bookmark by Instagram.

Instagram Bookmark Feature 

This feature will let the users to organize their posts which allow the to use a lot of pictures at once. The feature has released recently.  Now Instagram Users can now save the images they like without storing it in your device.
Now you can distinguish between the images you want on your device & on your Account. It also prevents the image to accidentally deleted from your phone. Now you will have a fully secure backup in your phone. For Instagram , many users will be attracted by the new feature.
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Its not that people do not save images before the feature has arrived . Most of the users have saved at least one post in their account. Using this feature this will be taken to a next level. Now you can save multiple posts in the account. Using the bookmark button you can save a single or multiple photos in the bookmarks.

instagram bookmark
instagram bookmark

Drafts were already used by users

The official statement of company is “Since we introduced the ability to save posts last December, 46 percent of Instagrammers have saved at least one post. Whether you want to plan your next day trip, revisit your favorite artists’ illustrations or always have some animal videos on hand, collections can help you keep track of the posts you want to remember”.

Multiple Bookmarks 

The plus icon is also there to enhance the option & name the multiple collection of your photos. As in Pinterest , the saved pictures have many options to share them with others. Instagram do not show the feature for sharing it, It mainly designed to view those photos in the leisure.
If you want to use this new feature the you must update your App from Play Store or App Store. After you update the app , the bookmark & the plus icon will be shown to your screen & can be used as per your requirement.
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