The most hard & challenging Android Games in 2017

if you like to play hard core games in your Android Phone , then this list is for you. Here I am going to tell you the most difficult & challenging android games 2017. So to know about all the Games read the whole article for more.

Most Difficult & Challenging Android Games 2017

Playing games in our phone is one of the best thing in our lives. There are millions of games in the Android market. I am going to tell you 10 latest games in the Android that you must play in 2017.
Android phone is not just a platform for smartphone phone , it has a wide application in the world. Gaming Industry is one of them. These games in an Android phone is are GB in size & some are of few MB. Most of them requires an active data connection to play. So , after all these introductory lines here is the list.

Dancing Line

This game is based on a line which is moving very fast after every level. You have to be very careful for the moves & tap the screen when you need to turn. Clear all the obstacles & cross the level.
The music played in the game also help you to respond. The game is ranked as one of toughest game in the Android platform. Many people are not able to cross 2 levels of this game. So this game is a good choice for hardcore gamers.

Big Hunter

A game that is based on various physics law. You can use many weapons like axe , spear to hunt an animal. To hunt an animal you need to follow some physics rules that will let you cross a level. Be the best hunter in this game.
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This game is also to test reflexes of the player. The game is same a Dancing line but the basic difference is – Here you have to protect two vessels with the cubes that are the actual obstacles. Here you have to adjust your screen to save the vessels from the obstacles. This game provides you a challenge & satisfaction of gaming.

Challenging Android games 2017
Challenging Android games 2017

Beat Stomper

A game all about jumping & stomping where you have to reach the highest place using the arcade. The graphics of this game is way cooler than any game. Just reach the highest place without falling down.

Smash Hit

This game is played in great environment made of cool graphics & music. The main goal of the player is to move faster to the longest while breaking all the glass objects. More you break the glass objects more you will get points. The game has 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, & realistic glass-breaking mechanics for every level.

Geometry Dash World

Explore the flinky word of Geometry Dash World , just tap your fingers to jump through the game & reveal all the secret hidden  inside the tunnels & spikes. The ten levels of this game is very difficult to cross.


The whole game is about eye coordination. A easy to understand game but difficult to control your reflexes.


A puzzle game made with dashed lines. Very difficult to know & cross the level.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

The game is all about the difficult physics puzzles. Install & start playing this may be an interest to brainy & patient gamers.

Dumb Ways to Die Original

The game is all about the cute characters & see them dying with tap on the screen. The game will confuse you with all the graphics contained in it. Install & play the game if you find it interesting.
That’s the list for most challenging android games 2017. If you like anyone or crossed the level of any, please tell me in comment section.
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