What is the best way to backup your Smartphone data -Android phone or iPhone

Now a days everyone is carrying a smartphone with him. If someone gets your phone all your details can be seen. We can use self destruct option after you lost your phone but what about our data. You  should make a backup phone data.

Different Ways to Backup Phone Data

There are many ways to make a backup of your phone’s data. Some uses sync , some uses microSD card & some uses cloud backup. All methods are good but using a cloud backup is the best way to backup your phone.
Here we are giving you some reasons that will convince you to use a cloud storage for phone backup.

Use your Backup Anywhere

As you have stored your backup in the cloud. You can access it from anywhere. You just need an Internet connection & your backup will be restored to your phone using the Internet. Soon your backup will be restored depending on your Internet Speed.
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Easy File Sharing

Before cloud concept came to our lives, we had to share a file multiple times with multiple person. With cloud storage , file sharing becomes faster. You just need to share the shareable link with your friend. The size of file does not matter in the case of sharing.

Real Time Updation

A file can be seen & edited by two or more person at the same time. All the modifications can be seen inreal time all the viewers of the file.

backup phone data
backup phone data


if you use physical device for the backup , the device can be stolen or damaged. But if you use a cloud backup no such problem will occur. In fact no one know where actually the backup is stored. This leads to more protection against human reach.

Multiple Backup of your backup

If you use a backup service for your data. The backup made by you is not stored in a single physical server. The backup is also made in multiple locations. In case any physical damage happens to your data. The backup of our backup is used to restore the data back into same.

Safe & Secure

Cloud storage is always the safest option among any physical backup. Nobody knows where the data is. A hacker can’t hack the data as he don’t know where actually the data resides. The security mechanism of clod storage is quite better & know one is able to breach the verification system.
Some Popular Cloud services are

  1. DropBox
  2. Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Google Drive
  4. iCloud
  5. Amazon Cloud Drive

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