A Russian hacker was arrested in Spain for involvement in US Election Hacking

A Russian hacker was arrested in Spain on Friday as the suspect over last year US presidential election. He is suspect in hacking the election process.

Russian Hacker arrested in Spain

This Russian Hacker named Pyotr Levashov is arrested by the Police in Spain after a International warrant has been issued for his arrest.
Russian Ambassy has announced the arrest of Levashov on Sunday but the reason was not specified. This is the second arrest in the case after Stanislav Lisov was arrested by the Spain authorities.
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U.S authorities are trying to deport both the accused to US & detain them for information. According to the sources both of them are doubted to operate   NeverQuest Banking Trojan which affected the election & favor it to the Donald Trump.

Russian Hacker arrested
Russian Hacker arrested

Suspect in US President Election 

The doubt is also conformed by the wife of  Levashov. His wife Maria said “at the request of the American authorities in connection with cyber crime. something about a virus that was supposedly created by [her] husband”.
The security researchers have claimed Levashov as Peter Severa or Peter Levashov. He is listed as the Top 10 spammer of the world. He is positioned as 7th in the list.
Peter Carr , the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice told media that Now they have nothing to say about the case, all the facts are sealed for now.
The US government has accused Russia for hacking the US president election. As the result Donald Trump become the President of US & real winner could not be known.
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