Facebook Launches its Digital Assistant M for Messenger App

Facebook has finally released it new digital assistant for the messenger users. The feature is still limited to the United states. The features of Facebook digital assistant is quite good like ride sharing, plan making, location sharing.

Facebook Digital Assistant M 

Back in 2015, when Facebook announced about their digital assistant. At that time it was testing phase and named as MoneyPenny. It was then tested by the experts to find the usage & results for this. This digital assistant is powered by AI.
Now when it is actually released by the Social giant Facebook. many interesting features of Facebook digital assistant are disclosed. In the official blog post by Blue Social network , the assistant will provide you suggestions during a conversation that can let people communicate in a more efficient way.
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The tested conducted on the assistant during the last two years are now complete. Facebook has released it now in the messenger app in the states of US.

facebook digital assitant
facebook digital assitant

Working of Facebook digital assistant M

According to them, M uses many AI techniques that are useful while you are talking to a friend in the messenger app. So the assistant M will provide you some suggestion that will let you talk more efficiently in the conversation.
Before showing any suggestion in a conversation , M analyze some aspects in a conversation. Some of these are  Sending stickers, Paying/requesting money, Location sharing, Making plans, Starting a poll in group, Getting a ride. After checking these aspects M will recognize the intentions of a user & will show you some suggestions.
The suggestions will be shown in the messages with a Logo of M. You can accept or ignore the suggestions of your assistant. Soon one more suggestion of Games & payment apps will also be given in the messenger.
According to Facebook , introducing a AI assistant in the messenger will improve the growth of messenger in the whole world.
After the US release Facebook will release this assistant in other parts of the world. So wait for the release in India. You can have a look & read more from the official post of Facebook.
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