Bitcoin’s Price has Break All its record in Cost i.e. $9,500 – Read to Know Why that happened

In the last Article , I told you about the Bitcoins, there are so many other alternatives which can be used by someone to be anonymous while transaction or for the Investment. The link of this article is given as.
In 2015, the value of a cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin was very less, but in the last quarter of 2017, it has been reached upto $ 9000. If anyone was told in 2015, that the cost of a one Bitcoin can reach near $5000 , then he would call you a fool or living in a imaginary world person.
But this happened in the last two years, the cost increased exponentially & crossed $ 9000. This is the new record which is being hold in the name of Bitcoin. Those who have purchased Bitcoin last year or before are getting the best outcome of their investment.

Bitcoin’s Price has Break All its record in Cost i.e. $9,500
Bitcoin’s Price has Break All its record in Cost i.e. $9,500

According to the data of Coinbase Bitcoin Price Index, Bitcoin is currently trading with $8000. It touched the price of $ 9000 two weeks ago.
The critics of Bitcoin lik JPMorgan Chase , CEO Jamie Dimon &Russian Government are asking about the reason of inflated prices of Bitcoin.
The main reason known is the rise of Initial Coin Offering(ICO) , which has been affected by other crypto currencies.
As the Data provided by Forbes states ” In the First nine months of 2017, more than $1.2 billion has been taken to ICOs. Bitcoin acted a liquid asset behind the ICOs , it can be converted to cash & the value is rising continuously.
Don’t know about the Future, but do you think about the Bitcoin. Have you invested in them. If you have , then please write some of your opinion on it.

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