How a color in your website can improve your user experience

This article will tell you about the color website design. The use of appropriate color in a website can improve the experience of the visitor. Read the article to know more.

Color website design

There is a large significance of colors in our life. The use of right color in a website design can help you create a better branding of your website. This will help you in getting a better user experience & let you become more successful.
Before reading this, have you ever thought so deeply about the color website design. The colors of the website can change the mood of the viewer & leave him praising the user. Many people do not consider the color selection for the website design. By using the concepts of color psychology, your brand can be more popular.

Color & emotions

Colors can be easily used to change the emotions of a user. There are bright colors & light colors. Both of them are used in a different way.  To decide between bright or light colors, first figure out whether your users are able to differentiate the different contents in the webpage. You must also see whether the background of the page is good to read the contents.
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Base Colors

  • RED: – It is one of the most effective color. It boosts the response pulses of the user & let him quickly decide the offer you are offering him. The color is also the most highlighted color, with this your site content will be highlighted the most.
  • YELLOW: – This color is also same as the RED, but the only difference is that it can blend in the white background of the webpage.
color website design
color website design
  • ORANGE: – This color is used to impulse the young people. The age group of the viewers is a very important factors on the Internet. The impulse of Orange color is helpful in the purchases on Internet.
  • BLUE: – Blue is a very cool color that is used wth other color combinations. The combination of blue & red is used to give a positive & memorable experience to the user. The color encourages the user to make some extra purchases or visits.
  • GREEN: – This color is used to discourage a person from the page. The color must be used very carefully with reference to your website.

Bright colors are usually used in the website for the young & impulsive people. Usually red & black is used in the combination of websites where the great impulsive & private nature is preferred.
The use of colors are applied in the supermarkets so that the people can be encouraged more in their products & buy them. If you have got some useful tips after reading this, then you apply the in your website design & get better results for the hard work you did for it.
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