Add Google Photo shortcut in your Android Camera App

This article will tell you about the use of Google Photos in your Camera. This will let you store the photos in the Cloud which has unlimited storage.

Add Shortcut Google Photos

Many times while clicking pictures you are out of memory. In the case you have to either delete or transfer the photos in the Google photo app. If you are going to delete the photographs then it’s OK. The next thing is to save them in Google Photos. This can be done by opening the Google Photos & saving them.
What if your photos are directly saved in the Google Photo after you click a picture? Yes you heard it right this can be done by adding a shortcut of Google Photo in the default app for camera.

Features of Google Photo

If you haven’t used Google Photos then I am going to tell you some reasons to use it.
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  • Free Storage: – You can store the pics & videos for unlimited time in the unlimited storage.
  • Find the photos visually in the Google Photos very soon, if you have more than thousand photos.
  • A good editing App: – Edit your app in the Google Photos which is equally capable than any other editing app in the play store.
  • Send the photos to anyone in a click to anyone.
Google Photos
Google Photos

Steps to add shortcut of Google Photo in the Camera App

  • Open Your Google Photos & make sure that the app is updated. If the app is not updated than you can directly update it from the Play Store.
  • Now open the settings in the Photos & select Camera simple route.
  • Now when you will open you default camera app, it will open a little slower than before.
  • After you will click a photo, you will see a icon on the pic to move it to the Photos.
  • You photos will be saved in the Google Backup.
  • Now you will have a alternate way to save your photos in the Cloud storage.
  • The storage for your photos will be never full.

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