How to stop Google Tracking System to track your activities on Internet – Stay Anonymous on Internet

This article will tell you to become anonymous on the web. Even Google will not track you, when you are using Google services or to stop google tracking.

How to stop Google from tracking your Location

Now a days there is no one who is using Internet. All the information we search or store on Internet can be a very private Information to anyone. Those information can be seen by Google. There are many of us who don’t like to happen this. Now google has given us the option to delete the history of all the information that we googled in the past.

Disable Google Tracking Chrome

This is just a start , now Google has also given us the option to choose whether you want to let Google track your Googled data like search information, YouTube Videos & other things or not.
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In this article, we are going to learn about this option. I won’t say that the option is quite new but it is still unknown to many people. Those who don’t know this will be helpful for you.

stop google tracking
stop google tracking

Stop Google from tracking your searches popup

After you will complete these steps you will be able to do the following things

  • Delete Google Activity

  • Delete Google Data

  • Delete Internet History

  • Delete YouTube Account

  • Stay Anonymous on Internet

To do this simply you can follow these steps to stop Google Tracking System to track your information.

  • Login to your Google Account & click on this Web and App Activity Page.
  • Now go to the top right section & click on the three dot icon.
  • A menu will appear & click on “Activity Controls” in it.
  • In the new webpage, you will see some setting regarding the history of your Activity for every application like Web, Location, device etc.
  • You can delete them from every section & Click on the Option to track your history of Google searches.
  • After you will select to not record your search history, still Google will look in to your searches to improve your search experiences & feedback. This can be stopped by using the incognito search option to go totally anonymous on the web.

This is one of the interesting topics on technology especially on Google according to me.
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