How to find the direct download link of a movie

This article will tell you some amazing tricks that will help you to direct movie download link without visiting the website. This will give you some tricks to download the movie directly from Google search. This will also save you from the pop up & website ads that keeps you redirecting to other pages.

Everyone who likes movies must have download it from Internet. While searching for the favorite movie in the website , many popups & links comes on the website which takes us to many other websites.

Get Direct Movie Download Link

I am sure you also feel went on through this condition. have you ever thought of any method that can be used by us to download the movie directly without visiting the website. You can do this after you know about the two tricks given to you.
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The trick is not a magic trick but it is an application of Google search. if you use this you will be able to find the movie directly form the google search. This will provide you a direct link which will download your movie. Two methods are written here. Use any of them for your convenience.

Direct Movie download Link
Direct Movie download Link

How to get direct movie download link

This method is very simple & easy.

Method 1

  • Open your trusted web browser.
  • Copy the given code on google with the name of movie you want to download.
  • As you will search the given qury on the search bar, there will be many link which can let you download your movie.
  • Click on first or second link to download the movie.

Method 2

  • Open your browser & copy this code on your browser.
  • Put the name of your movie after the given code.
  • For example INTITLE:INDEX.OF? MKV  Deadpool
  • click any of the search result & A page will be opened on your screen that will show you download link of many sites.
  • Copy any of these link to download the movie.

I hope both of these tricks will help you to download your relevant movie stuff to your PC. Download a nice movie & tell me how it was.
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