Now Aadhar Cards are mandatory to buy SIM cards

Government of India is using the Aadhar card in everything to verify & prevent the citizens from any suspect. Very soon Aadhar card will be used to purchase SIM cards like it has been used for E-wallets. Aadhar has improved the payment platform.SIM card Aadhar Card Verification

Issue SIM card Aadhar Card Verification

Everybody knows about the power of an Aadhar card. This 12 digit number is used to extract any information of a citizen of India. This can be very powerful in controlling the illegal activities in the country.
Supreme Court has issued a new notice to the telecom Industry. Telecom Industry will now go with a new verification for all the customers of their company. According to the facts there are 1.1 billion telecom customers who are using telecom services. Now the telecom industry will have to find a new verification process so as to verify the old customers with their Aadhar card.SIM card Aadhar Card Verification
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The present scenario of Telecom Industry is in a state of cold war with one another. Slowly every telecom company is trying to attract their customers in the long run by offering many new types of services for their customers. Since the Aadhar verification was started by Jio in September 2016. After their revolution in the Telecom service with the 6 month free of charge Internet, many telecom’s are collaborating for being ahead of Jio.
SIM card Aadhar Card Verification

Jio is ahead of Time

In this case, Jio will be again ahead of many telecoms as they don’t need to re-verify their customers. Other companies will have to spend a large amount on the re-verification process & this will cost them approximately 1,000 crores.
Telecoms will be in a loss of around 1,000 crore. This will give a lead to Jio to expand their network , services & marketing strategies.
The re-verification process will take long time. The re-verification process needs trained people, spend on digital devices, & processes that will let the re-verification to be completed.
The steps made by Supreme Court of India will help the country form the terrorist attacks & creates a barrier for the anti- social activities.
The verification of telecom sector for SIM card will rise on another level.
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So let us see how it goes. Tell me what your views on this agenda are? Please write a comment in the comment box to share your views with us.
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