Facebook News Checker tool that tells the truth behind every News

Facebook is also used to find latest news about many things. But there is always doubt about the integrity of the News. Well Facebook is testing a tool for telling whether the news is true or not. The tool is called Facebook Fact Checking tool.

Facebook Fact checking tool

Facebook is the biggest social networking site that everybody knows. Many of us have seen many pages & some of our friends who sometimes update a News in their status update. Do you know transmitting a false news can be so harmful for anyone?
Now the question arise, how we can detect the truth behind the news. Facebook has taken the problem seriously & now they are checking a tool called Facebook Fact checking tool. This tool will provide you a survey for the news. If a news is false then you can see many News Network disputes on it.
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For testing this tool, Facebook is taking help with ABC News, Associated Press, Snopes, etc. This feature can be very useful but no news for the implementation is known yet.

Facebook Fact checking tool
Facebook Fact checking tool

Basically the tool working is explained here. When a user will try to share a fake news on the status, the tool will scan the link & check its authenticity. If the link & the fact inside the link are true, then it OK. But if the news is not true then some Networks will flash some Dispute of the truth of News.

Test for Facebook Fact checking tool

During the testing of this tool we can see a result from a News Story. This news is about Irish Slave trade & it is disputed by Snopes.com and Associated Press. The dispute alert the viewer about the truth behind the News.
When the viewer clicks on the Dispute icon, a news related to Irish Slave trade will be shown & about the doubt on which the dispute is claimed.
This also works on the user end, when the user post a News link & a dispute comes on it. A message will be given to the user for not posting it. If still user wants to post it, he can click on Post Anyway. The message shown to creator during the post will also be displayed with the post to viewer.
User who is watching this post can also report for the fraud content posted by the person using report user.
In the previous years, Facebook has become one of the most useful website in the world. The network has evolved from just connected to your friends to information gathering. In that case, if Facebook becomes a store of fraud information then Brand value of Facebook can degrade.
Mark Zuckerberg said “I recognize we have a greater responsibility than just building technology that information flows through,”.
So technically speaking this feature will help the users to get true new & fraud news will be decreased. However it can’t  eradicate the problem completely but still some portion of this problem will be solved.
Still no news about when the tool will be available worldwide but we can just wait for it. May be soon.  Thank You.
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