How to download Facebook page photo album in one click

Facebook has become one of the most powerful information provider & social network in the world. There are many people who find many interesting things on Facebook. This article is about download facebook Page album.
This blog related to Facebook tricks. I have written many tricks which are useful for any person who works as a Facebook Page Admin. This trick is also a very helpful one for Facebook users.
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How to download Facebook Page album in one click

This post will provide you a method of downloading all the Facebook photos form a Facebook page in one click. If you download the images from the page by the same conventional method then more time will be consumed for it.

download Facebook Page album
download Facebook Page album

You can use to download it from a single click. This website will let you download it in very fast way as never before.

Steps to download Facebook Page album in one click 

You can follow these simple steps to use to download the Pics of Facebook page:-

  • Open a Facebook page & copy the link of photo album of the page.
  • Paste the link into the page whose link is  here.
  • After this click the download button below.
  • This will take some time. The size of album is the factor of processing time.
  • Press the download button & the download will start soon.

I tried to download the pics of Our Official Page & all the selected photos were downloaded.
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That’s all for now. if you find the information useful then you use it to download the photo albums of a Facebook Page. Follow us on Facebook so that you can more updates like this. Thank You.

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