36 high End Smartphones are found with pre installed Android malware

If you just brought a new smartphone, don’t consider it a trustworthy device. Yes you read it right. Many phones of renowned companies like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Asus, Nexus, Oppo, and Lenovo are available in market with Smartphone Pre installed Malware. The phones of these companies are distributed by someone else.

Smartphone Pre installed Malware

During a malware scan on a check point, malware were detected in these phones. Finally, the malware found on these devices are Loki & SLocker.
According to check point researchers, the malwares are not the part of company’s ROM. These malware are installed in supply chain system.
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Loki Trojan enters deep into phones. Loki can access the list of current applications, browser history, contact list, call history, and location data.The second one called SLocker is a ransomware which locks the data of your phone & ask for the money through TOR by it operators.

Smartphone Pre installed Malware
Smartphone Pre installed Malware

List of Phones that are infected with these malware

  1. Galaxy Note 2
  2. LG G4
  3. Galaxy S7
  4. Galaxy S4
  5. Xiaomi Mi 4i
  6. Galaxy A5
  7. ZTE x500
  8. Galaxy Tab 2
  9. Oppo N3
  10. Vivo X6 plus
  11. Nexus 5
  12. Nexus 5X
  13. Galaxy Note Edge
  14. Galaxy Tab S2
  15. Asus Zenfone 2
  16. LenovoS90
  17. Galaxy Note 3
  18. OppoR7 plus
  19. Xiaomi Redmi
  20. Lenovo A850
  21. Galaxy Note 4
  22. Galaxy Note 5

Hence malware creates backdoor in the phones & keep on installing more malicious software that disable system apps & dial premium phone numbers. Therefore, ruin the image & sales of these phones in the market.

How to Remove the Malware

The process of removing malware is quite difficult, yet trying to simplifying them quickly.

  • Remove all the apps & update the firmware of your phone.
  • To do this approach to a technician who has proper knowledge of doing this.

Furthermore, this incident has not happened for the first time. This has happened multiple times.

  1. In December 2016, low cost Android phones were found with some malware which does many illegal activities.
  2. Yet November 2016, a backdoor was found in many phones. These malwares send the information of your phones to a Chinese hacker.
  3. A flaw detected in Ragentek firmware, used by low cost phone. This vulnerability allowed the hackers to get full control on these phones.

Consequently these malware & bugs found in the phones can be very destructive for anyone. The destruction can be on any level i.e. personal or national. Everyone should know about these things before buying a smartphone.
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