How to create a Hidden partition in a Pen Drive – Trick to create Secret partition on USB Drive

Data security is one of the biggest issue in the world. If you use USB dives to transfer data then you will not be have any option to hide your data from others.

How To Create Hidden partition in Pen Drive – Portable USB Encryption

But if you are having no option for transferring data other than pen drives than this information is useful for you. If you could make some hidden partitions in your USB drive than your data will be safe in the hidden memory block that is given to you.

Trick to create Secret partition on USB Drive – Disguised Flash Drive

The hidden partitions in the pen drive is only seen in your computer. No other PC is able to see the partition that you have made in the PC.
Before you will do this trick, you should make a backup of your pen drive’s data. The first step to do this trick is to format your pen drive.

secret Partition in Pen Drive
secret Partition in Pen Drive

How to create secret Partition in Pen / USB Drive

Steps to create Hidden partition in Pen Drive

  1. The first step for this is to download USB pen drive driver.
  2. After the download is complete , unzip the folder & copy to the desktop.
  3. Insert your pen drive in the computer.
  4. Right click on My Computer > Manage > Computer management.
  5. Choose Device Manager in Computer Management.
  6. In the right side see Disk Drives , click on your pen drive & select Properties from the menu.
  7. In Properties Window > Click on details tab > Property Drop Down Box > Device Instance Path.
  8. In Device Instance Path you can see Value in the form of string of characters , copy them.
  9. Close the window without saving.
  10.  Now open USB pen drive driver from the desktop folder.
  11. Open ‘cfadisk.inf’ in  Notepad.
  12. Find the ‘device_instance_goes_id_here’ line, it can be located at 26th line. Select it and replace it with the string of characters that you copied from ‘Value’ field in ‘Details’ tab of ‘Properties’ windows of connected pen drive.
  13. Save the changes and close notepad.
  14. Open Device manager again & open properties of pen drive. Now click on driver tab &  click on ‘Update Driver’ button.
  15. Update Driver window will open & choose Browse my computer for driver software.
  16. After this select “Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware”. Now deselect ‘Show compatible hardware’ and click on to ‘Have Disk’ Button and click next.
  17. A warning message ’Update Driver Warning’ has been showing. Click on Yes. Another warning message ‘Windows Security’ will appear on the screen, where you select ‘Install this driver software anyway’.
  18. After the update driver is complete. Now click on My computer & partition the pen drive like a hard disk. You have to partitioning of your pendrive as like hard disk. Therefore you have to right click on ‘My Computer’
  19.  Open ‘Manage>Disk Management’ under ‘Storage > Right click on this partition an click on New simple volume and create partition of your choice.
  20. You can make multiple partition but the first partition will be shown on all PC & Other partition will be shown only on your PC.

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