Facebook Graph Search Engine Tool for Friends

Do you know that Facebook has it’s own search engine in itself. This search engine can be used to search people, posts in the Facebook. This Facebook search engine can be customised in the way you like. It will search people , location or pages as per your requirement.

If you ask to a techy like me or someone else then he will tell you that the Facebook search engine is one of the most underrated search tools. This is not our fault as after the advancement in the search engines. After 2014 , the search engine uses graph search algorithm. This algorithm has made the Facebook search engine more trickier than before.

What can be searched using Facebook search engine

facebook search by phone number
Facebook search by phone number

If you will see facebook search prompt it will display “search facebook”. When you will search some thing on it then it will show the posts , friends , locations that will be related to the search phrase.
The search results will be different from the Google search as it will be related to your facebook profile. Those interests that facebook has recorded from your profile will be used in order to search anything which you will search in it.
Check the stuff you can search in the facebook search engine.

  • Use facebook to search friends , family ,pages & group. 

Most of us have used it to search our friends , family & other people. You can customize the search in using filters like city, work , education & even mutual friends. Searches can be restricted in My friends , My close friends , Friends of my friends & Friends of abc.

  • Search Photos , Likes & other. 

You can also check the facebook friends who like any stuff like photos , pages & business. The search can be initiated by typing “friends who like ______”. This will show you top suggestions  in the page. The search can be filtered in people, photos or pages.
You can type Photos liked by me to find the photos you liked previously. Another example can be photos of “Friend’s name” to find out the photos of the friends who like to see.
Your search can also be made in the food items or a object that show photos of other things here.

  • Find hotels , restaurants nearby. 

As you are searching the food items available near your location you can find it out using “Burger Shop nearby”.

  • Video Search in facebook.

Search videos , trailer by using the name of the video or music.

  • Search News articles

Use hash-tag to find the news articles for the events or incidents.

  • Search your own Facebook history.

This link can be used to check your activity log. All the activity you have done in your profile will be shown in the link given below. https://www.facebook.com/me/allactivity

  • Find Phone Number

You can find the phone number of people if the number is kept public by the concerned person.
Combine the search keyword to make a advanced search 
You can use simple English sentences to filter your search . This will specify your search in a way to find some thing narrow in our account. Like you can say Photos of my friends who are in abc College.
These searches are based on the privacy setting that are made by owners of respected accounts.
If you find the information useful or you have any feedback for us. Write a comment in the comment section.

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