How to Install & configure your own OpenVPN Server in Kali linux or Debian

Open VPN Server in Kali linux
Open VPN Server in Kali linux

How to configure open vpn server ( openvpn) in Kali Linux or Debian using terminal commands

This article for all my hacker buddies using Kali linux or another linux. After reading this tutorial you will be able to install your own VPN server in your Local PC. After you finish the article you will be able to use your own open VPN server.

Install OpenVPN Server in Kali linux | Debian

I hope you all know about VPN server. But if you don’t know then you can easily learn after reading this article.

    So let’s get started.

    Steps to configure Open VPN Server in Kali linux

    Here we will use a python script & your Kali linux OS to create a VPN server in your PC.

    • First of all, download the VPN script from the link given.
    • Now copy the zip file from Downloads folder to Desktop, after extracting the folder.
    • Open a new terminal & type command “cd Desktop”.
    • Next command “ls”
    • This command will show you the name of files you have on your desktop.
    • Now enter the command “cd openvpn-install-master”
    • Then enter command “ls”
    • Now run this command “bash”. To run this command you need to login as a root user. If you were not login as root user then the command will not work.
    • Now this script will ask you some questions which are written below.

    I will provide the answers also that I used in it.

    1. IP address: Press enter for default IP Address
    2. Which protocol do you want for OpenVPN connections?  : UDP as default
    3. What port do you want OpenVPN listening to? : 1194(Default)
    4. Which DNS do you want to use with the VPN? : Google (Press 2 & Enter)
    5. Client name: Client (Default) any name you like.

    After all this some files will be downloaded in your PC.

    A message will be shown on the PC. “If your server is NATed. (Ex LowEndSpirit).I need to know the External IP. If that’s not the case just ignore the case , just ignore the case & leave the next field blank. “

    Now press Enter & you have finish installation.

    So we are done for this.

    Advantage of using this open VPN server

    • You can hide your IP in this open VPN server & stay anonymous.
    • The VPN server is free & easy to use.
    • You can install it in your PC as well as Raspberry Pi device and use it as a portable VPN server.
    • You have learned a new stuff from this.

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