Fedora 26 Review & release – Fedora 26 Features & Kernel Version & WallPapers

Fedora has released a new version of Fedora OS. Fedora 26 is the latest version of Fedora. If you are Linux user & a Fedora Fan then here you can read all the details that you need to know for this new release by Fedora.

Fedora 26 Review & Release Date – Fedora 26 What’s New

Fedora 26 has been released by Fedora. Many of us do not know that the favourite Linux distro of Linus Torvalds. Fedora project is backed by Red Hat. Fedora provides their technology product twice in one year. This distro is also a inspiration & root for other distro to release in the market.

Fedora 26 release notes – Fedora 26 changes

Fedora 26 Kernel Version

The new version of Fedora i.e. Fedora 26 is included with GNOME 3.24 desktop environment & Kernel 4.11. Fedora has also initiate the use of a new spin in the form of LXQt desktop edition. Another update is the Fedora Modular Server preview build.

Fedora 26 Wallpapers

fedora 26 wallpaper
fedora 26 wallpaper

fedora 26 lxqt spin
fedora 26 lxqt spin

Here we are going to tell you all the features that are now in Fedora 26

Fedora 26 New Features – Fedora 26 upgrade

GNOME 3.24 Portland

Fedora 26 has provided the new GNOME 3.24 desktop environment for its users. Now there will be many features for a Fedora user like Night Light. This features control the screen color according to the day & time. It varies screen color so that your eyes can stay safe from strain. This feature is very much similar to Windows 10 Blue Light Filter.
The weather information will also be shown on the notification area. A new app named Recipes is also added which is a new community-developed app.

Modular Server Preview

Fedora has added a new features for System Admins which is known as Fedora Modular Server preview build.
The modular approach aims to separate the hardware side i.e. Base Run time from the application side. You can use different modules for different gaols like stability & specific version.

Networking changes (OpenVPN 2.4.3, etc)

Fedora 26 has rebased the OpenVPN to v2.4.3. There are many improved version like improved elliptic curve cryptography support. There’s also a seamless client IP and port to let one change the IP address or port easily.

New Fedora Spin: LXQt Desktop

LXQt is a lightweight desktop experience. Fedora 26 has given us the LXQt spin. There are some applications in this i.e. QupZilla Browser. The application uses Qt5 toolkit & Breeze theme.

DNF 2.0

Fedora Linux 26 comes with DNF 2.0 that is the latest version of Fedora Package management system. There is improved backward compatibility with Yum.

Chinese input improvement

The chinese Pinyin users can improve the input speed via libpinyin 2.0. The license of libpinyin has also been changed to GPLv3+.

Improved systemd integration

OpenVPN can be managed better with systemd integration.

Updated packages in Fedora 26

  • GCC 7.1
  • GNU C library 2.25
  • Boost 1.63
  • Go 1.8
  • Python 3.6
  • Ruby 2.4
  • PHP 7.1
  • Zend Framework 3.0

Fedora 26 download

Check the links for Fedora download

Fedora Upgrade to Fedora 26

Execute the commands one by one to upgrade the Fedora existing version to Fedora 26.

  1. sudo dnf upgrade –refresh
  2. sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
  3. sudo dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=26
  4. sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

These are the some information that we got after the release of Fedora 26. If you are going to install this new version of Fedora, please tell us more about this & comment about your personal experience.
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