Parrot Linux 3.7 Review Featured with Kernel 4.11 , Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster, Debian 10 Testing

The latest release of Parrot OS 3.7 has been done by FrozenBox. This new version of Parrot OS is based on Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster. The latest kernel 4.11 is the main attraction in Parrot 3.7 that provides wide range of updates & improvement in the new version.

Parrot Security OS review – Parrot Linux 3.7

Here we are going to provide you all the details of the newly released Parrot Linux 3.7.
In the early May , the release of Parrot 3.6 was done by the firm with all the updates & kernel 4.9. This version was based on  Debian GNU/Linux 9 Stretch, which I hope you know about.
After the two months of hard work in the development of new version, FrozenBox has released the Parrot OS 3.7. Parrot OS is one of the popular OS for Hacking purpose. Parrot OS is considered as the first alternative of Kali Linux.

Parrot 3.7 Based on Debian 10 Testing

There are some changes that are made in Parrot Linux are listed as follows.

  1. The base of Parrot OS 3.7 is now Debian 10 , that is known as buster.
  2. The other changes in the same is Kernel 4.11 which provides better hardware support as listed while release of Kernel 4.11 happened.

Debian GNU/Linux 10 Buster or Devuan GNU/Linux

A rumor went out in the Linux world that Parrot developer team is trying to switch from Debian GNU / Linux to Devuan GNU/Linux. After the release , they wiped out this rumor via a tweet “Our release team is evaluating a possible migration of our project from Debian to Devuan,”.
It seems that Parrot developer team is not ready yet to work with Devuan. They mentioned this in a Facebook Status —“It is not an easy migration and we have still to decide what to do.”
The new release has also introduced the ARC Theme. The update mechanism of Parrot OS is updated with the feature of showing progress of System upgrades. FrozenBox has already announced the wide range of fixes & improvements for the previous releases.

Parrot Security OS review - Parrot Linux 3.7
Parrot Security OS review – Parrot Linux 3.7

Parrot AIR 3.7

In Parrot 3.6 , a flavor of Parrot OS was launched with the name of Parrot AIR. In the new version , parrot has also provided a set of tools that are dedicated to wireless pen testing. This release wold improved the Parrot AIR experience.

Parrot 3.7 Release Notes

The most important features & points that are specified by the Parrot Team are listed here.

  1. Debian 9 was a stable version but there is an need for some important changes in Debian. The important change in the new version is updated packages which leads to lock the unstable branch of pre-testing freeze.
  2. There are no new features in the product but , the focus is just on the betterment of existing features.
  3. The introduction of ARC theme & the improvement in the auto-updater  in an attraction for the Parrot users.
  4. Linux kernel 4.9 was used earlier , but now the new 4.11 has been introduced for better support of hardware devices.
  5. Last but not the least, the core is now based on Debian 10 (testing).

There are various revisions that improves Parrot team. There was a server crash in France which leads to improve their infrastructure.
This results in central repository which is now replicated into 2 servers & both of them host the geo redirector that redirect the every request to one of their mirror servers around the world.

Parrot OS Raspberry Pi  – ARM Support for Embedded Board

A little review on the ARM side.  The repository supports armhf (armv7hf – 32bit with HF) and arm64 (aarch64/armv8 – 64bit), and all the ARM packages are perfectly synchronised with their equivalent x86 versions.
The official team of Parrot has specified that their ARM developer was busy in these months to finish ARM build on time. The current ARM images are based on Parrot 3.4 & available only for Raspberry Pi. They also tools that a new developer has just joined their team which leads to the old developer to work for other ARM boards like Pine64 which will be soon adopted as their official embedded board.

Parrot Linux Download

You can download the new version of Parrot OS from here.
If you find the information useful then please write a comment for your personal experience with Parrot OS. Feel free to get more details from here. Thank You.

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