What is Facebook Stories and how does it work? – Creepers & stalkers must be aware of Facebook Stories Update

Today I am here to tell your something about Facebook. Those who are always watching the profile of anybody to collect information from people’s profile. It is a very common practice done by many people to check the details of someone who we don’t know properly.

Facebook Stories Update – How to use Facebook Stories

Now this method of acquiring information is not as safe as it was before. The profile can be of anyone i.e. Your Ex, Friend or classmate.
Here I am going to tell you a News that will exposed your identity as Facebook has launched a new feature. This will discourage people from checking the profile of someone who don’t want them to know about your activity. And this has happened because of Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories Feature -  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook 
Facebook Stories Feature –  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook

Facebook Stories Feature –  Stay Aware if you are Stalker on Facebook

Yes , Facebook has launched a new feature in Facebook called stories.
I hope you all know about this feature before if you have used Snap-chat or Instagram. The stories feature in Facebook as same as both of them.
On Snapchat, the feature is not just limited to that who have seen your Video or picture. The feature can also tell you who is looking on your stories currently.  This won’t help creepers & stalkers to hide while they are checking you.

Facebook Stories are clone of Snapchat , but this will prevent stalkers from this

This feature will let you know whether your Ex is still chasing you or not. This will also tell you whether someone suspecting is following you to harm you.
With new Facebook Stories you can allow the users to share the updates & create a story that is shown for 24 hours & disappears afterwards. This is different from status updates that lasts forever until someone deleted it manually. This feature will show you how many people has seen your story & how many of them are looking on it at a current moment.
This change in Facebook will be a great start & this will prevent creepers from saving your Facebook Stalkers to follow you or harm  you.
So if you do these activities on Facebook frequently , then you should treat this as a warning.

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