Google launched a new Fake News Checking Tool for Google News & Search

Google has launched a tool which will check the facts of the news shown in the Google search & news. Soon Google news checking tool will show a snippet in every news or search about the authenticity of a news item.

How to use Google Fact Check – Google news checking tool

Soon we will see a snippet in the search bar of Google. If you will search any news or fact on Google, then it will show you some information about its authenticity. Google has announced this feature as a fact checker tool.
Few days back, Facebook has also announced about this. Facebook may be launching this tool in sometime but Google has announced it now. Google has so many information contained in it that it must be having a mechanism to check the truth behind this.
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The fact checking task is not being done by Google. This task will be performed by PolitiFact and Snopes. For example if someone searches a fact , then search results will also include a snippet. The snippet will show the details about who says that & who verified it.

How to turn on Google Fact Check Feature

This tool was tested by Google in last October in some countries. The test was conducted on Google News. Now talking about how it works.

Google news checking tool
Google news checking tool

This snippet will not be available on every search. According to Google, a singe publisher can have two conclusion for a same fact. But still those two facts will be helpful for the searching person to take a right decision based on fact.
Those publishers who want to get included in the program have to put some cods in their websites. Then the published facts will be shown to them.
With this fact checking tool of Google. Many IT companies will be able to cop up with fake information. Now Google has become a company who took a step forward in fighting with irrelevant content around the Internet.
Facebook has also introduced the concept which is quite similar to this. In the Facebook world, as a person will update a news fact in the status & some News network will provide a claim on the authenticity on the facts. If user still wants to post it then the status & the claim will be posted together.

Algorithm used in Google news checking tool

Google has taken the help from algorithms which select some publishers which are considers authentic. These algorithm will be deploying ClaimReview markup on the web pages where the facts will be checked. Other possibility is that Share the Facts widget can also be used developed by joint efforts of Jigsaw and the Duke University Reports Lab.
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