Google Opinion Rewards how to get more surveys online – Earn Play Store Credits by Getting Google Opinion Rewards

This article is about a Google app that is used for survey & provide good reward after completing surveys. This app is called Google Opinion Rewards App.

Google Opinion Rewards App

Do anyone of you know how Google earns money. Google generates most of it revenue from the Internet Services used by all of us. According to our interests Google shows us many ads & the sponsors pay money for showing their ads. Many of us buy stuffs after seeing the ads from the Internet & sales of those sponsors increase.
But do you by participating in the surveys we can also generate money from Google. It is super easy to do this. The level of easiness is equal to using your phone daily.
Do you find it interesting to answer some questions from the surveys made by Google? This in turn provides some information to Google & you will be paid. To do this, just download the Google Opinion Rewards app for Android. You don’t need to answer long questions. And the questions will not ask you for personal information. So if you were worrying about that, then forget it. After the completion of survey , you will get some credits.
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With these Google credit, you can buy a product from Google Play. Many people have buy many useful products for their use. Questions asked in the survey be like “What product you like”, Why do you like this product”.

Install Google Opinion Rewards App

So to start your journey, you need to install the Google Opinion Rewards App in your phone. Then after the installation is complete, the app will ask some basic questions of General Knowledge. After the G.K questions are answered, then the actual survey will start.

Google Opinion Rewards App
Google Opinion Rewards App

All the questions are related to some product like hotel, review etc. These questions are asking the quality of a hotel, product review and location based survey & user experience.
Now comes a more important point. There is a time limit for every survey. As the app is idle for most of the times & you need to know about the survey. As a survey is available for you, then a push notification will be send to you.
The surveys given to you have a time limit associated with them. Most of the surveys needs to complete within 24 hours. I don’t think nobody will miss any survey. All of us have a habit to use the phone at least once a day. That time you can see the survey & complete them.
As I am writing this, I want to tell more about this. You can also create some surveys if you want so. You can also select the age group what needs to be addressed.
These surveys takes more than a minute or two. Well the reward you get after these surveys are not much. Most of the surveys will give you ten cents to one dollar. You can’t buy something for you, but you can buy an app or a rental movie to get some enjoyment.

How to Use Google Opinion Rewards App

As you will open the app for first time. You will get some information for the upcoming survey. This will provide an introduction for it. Click on “OK got it”. After this questions will be asked from the survey. As the survey is complete you will receive some credit.
If you want to get more credit from the surveys, there are some points that are told by Product Manager of Google. According to him the best way to earn more credit is to give honest reviews & answers. You should complete all the surveys on time. These habits will let you get more money for the surveys. Turn on the notifications so that you can get all the surveys on time.
The only disadvantage of using this app is your data. When you will start using the app, Google will analyse your interest & will show you ads according to the data analysis. Many of you may be having problem in that. If so you then you should not use the app. But if you are OK with it then enjoy the rewards from Google.
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