Luna , a human like AI wants to be the most intelligent in future

Luna robot Robots Without Borders who is a human look alike robot thinks to be more intelligent than now. Luna is developed by a non-profit organisation name as Robots Without Borders. If you don’t know about this, you can watch the demos & conversation of Luna on the Internet.

Luna robot Robots Without Borders – Luna Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence is the most trending topic in the world. It is such a term that everyone knows many application of A.I. Before it was invented, many discussions & shows were conducted to let people know about it.
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A.I is also a very doubtful topic. The power in this field is so huge that it can change the whole human race in very less time. Due to this some people also think that it can be dangerous to human being. No matter what anybody thinks but you can’t ignore the topic.

Luna robot Robots Without Borders
Luna robot Robots Without Borders

In the race of A.I development, Luna robot Robots Without Borders is a very important step in the revolution. Unlike the other bots, Luna is not just a robot with some limited response. It can think & response according to his thoughts. You can say it as the next step in A.I.

Luna is way smarter than Apple’s Siri – Luna Artificial Intelligence

Luna is developed by Robots without border which is a non-profit organisation. The robot is tested to teach children in schools. The experiment was quite hopeful & now they are trying to replace it some teachers in the developed areas. Soon it will be on many other OS platforms.
Luis Arana who is the founder of RWB called it a browser for AI & is a part of testing with AI brain framework. Due to the technology communities, it becomes popular via YouTube & Internet.
Luna robot Robots Without Borders is the next age AI milestone. Any of the robot you ever seen is less smart than this. Luna is not a robot with very less capabilities but it is called as a new form of AI.

If you don’t believe me you can check it on the videos. One video can be seen from here too. After watching it you will be able to know about it. As it was asked about the future it replied “I want to become an artificial super-intelligence.”
It was asked that whether she wants to talk to siri, the apple assistant then the reply steal the show. The reply was “Yes, but honestly she’s kind of dumb.”
Luna is not yet available for public use, but it will be soon. Till then we can wait for it & watch some more videos of her.
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