How to send false GPS location on Whatsapp using Android or iPhone.

This trick can be a good prank for anyone who wants to have some fun with your friends. Here you can send fake location WhatsApp by using this amazing trick.

Send fake Location WhatsApp

Many of us have used the location option in the WhatsApp. In this option you can send the exact location of you in the WhatsApp message. You can do this very easily. But have you ever thought to send fake location WhatsApp  to a friend. You can prank your friends with this.
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If you want to know how to do this. Learn to do this by reading our article. You don’t need a VPN service for the same. You can do this by a simple app. First of all open your GPS from the phone whether it is Android or iPhone.

send fake location whatsapp
send fake location whatsapp

Your WhatsApp must be authenticate to use the location services of your phone. It is done by default in most of the case. But if you want to do it manually then you can do this.

Steps to send fake location WhatsApp

  • First of all, install FakeGPSApp in your phone.
  • Go to Settings>About Phone.
  • Go to developer Options & find out Allow Mock Locations Button.
  • Click this option to activate it.
  • Now open FakeGPSApp & find a location which is far from your current location.
  • After you found your location & click on set location and it is done.
  • Open your WhatsApp & send the location to anyone. Now your location is send what you have set on FakeGPSApp.

Steps for iPhone

For this iPhone must be jailbreak & cydia must be installed in your phone.

  • Open Cydia in your phone & search for LocationFaker.
  • Install it & open it for use. Make sure you must install the app with the correct version of your iPhone.
  • After you open LocationFaker , you will see your current location on your phone.
  • Select any location that you want to show your friend.
  • Click on the lower left button to set your new location.
  • You are done now, open your WhatsApp & click on the location & send the location to your friend.

Make sure you just use this app for fun. Don’t try to use this app for any destructive motive. Be sure to use it carefully.
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