How to clear SSB in First Attempt without coaching – 5 Days Strategy Interview Experience of Selected Candidates

How to clear SSB in First Attempt without coaching

Clear NDA SSB in the first attempt strategy. | Service Selection Board Interview crack. Tips to pass SSBs Defence in the single application form

What is SSB?

SSB is one of the most important exams in the road of becoming an officer Armed Force. There are so many candidates who prepare for the NDA  exam, written test & other phases of the exam. Here we are going to tell you some of the most important tips that will help you to clear in one of the toughest exams in India.

SSB Exam Pattern Updated

SSB has divided the whole exam process into multiple phases. The first is the starting of all. The candidates report in the SSB center & do all the formal activities like document verification etc. After this, the Group Task Officer gives all the instructions that need to be followed in the center during the SSB exam.

On the First day of SSB, the screening test is conducted which is consisting of Officer Intelligence Rating Test which has around 50 to 55 questions. The questions will be asked from the topics like simple linguistic, logical, analytical, and mathematical questions in writing.

The next exam after OIR is Picture Perception Description Test. In PPDT, a blurred picture is shown in the exam hall to all the candidates & ask them to gather some thoughts related to it. After a few minutes, the picture is removed & the team members discuss their ideas so as to create a common story for the answer.

SSB Five days Test Schedule

Number of DaysName of the Tests
Day 1Personal information questionnaire, Briefing by GTO
Day 2Officer Intelligence Rating Test, Thematic Perception Test,   Picture Perception Description Test, Word Association Test
Day 3Group Discussion, Group Planning, Progressive group task
Day 4Individual obstacles, group obstacles race
Day 5Conference Session, Result Declaration

Day 1: SSB Personal Interview

The first two tests of SSB are the biggest challenge for the candidates. After this round, there are many candidates who are shortlisted from the SSB Exam. Those who qualify for the next round stays in the center & then they are given some documents & feedback forms to fill up.

Day 2: SSB Thematic Perception Test

On the second day, the challenge continues or series of challenges continue. These tests are performed to test the psychology of the candidate. The test is called the Thematic Perception Test. This is similar to the PPDT but the picture is clear & not blur in case of PPDT.

Next is WAT (Word Association Test). It is conducted to examine the sharpness & thinking ability in less time. Here a word is shown to the candidates & they have to write the first thought about it that comes in their mind. This test duration is 15 seconds. A total of 60 words are given a candidate for the test.

Day 3 & 4 : Group Discussion & Obstacles

Then comes Day 3 & 4. These days are listed with some difficult tasks for the candidates. The main quality which is tested is Group Performance & Team Spirit. This test includes various tasks like Group discussion, group planning, progressive group tasks, individual obstacles, group obstacles race, etc. are conducted. These tasks are done in a group which includes mutual co-operation between Teammates.

Day 5: Conference

Then comes the Day 5, which is the final day of the SSB. This starts with a conference where the candidates are called & there are other people like board examiners, psychologists, GTO’s and technical officers are present. The candidates are asked some questions which are common to all. After the Questionnaire, the candidates have to wait for one hour to get the result of the SSB.

All the selected candidates stay after the Medical Examination is conducted.

SSB is one of the toughest competitions in India. To win the battle of SSB, there are so many strategies that need to follow & so many efforts that need to be made to clear this exam.

SSB Interview and Strategies

The most simple policy described by the successful SSB pass Officers is to be the real you. You should show your real personality, as the officers who conduct the test are very experienced to know how a person is. There is no need for extraordinary knowledge. The SSB must be taken as a professional exam which can give your life a new direction.

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test

The OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) Test is comprised of two Test Booklets. Both Booklets are having 40 questions. The duration of the exam is 17 minutes. The exam is divided into two sections i.e. Verbal and Non-verbal Section. Questions are asked from the relationship, jumbled words, coding/decoding, multiple-choice questions, antonym and synonym, reconstruction of the sentence, one-word substitution, the odd one out, common sense, alphabet test, and Arithmetic questions.

The non-verbal section consists of which figure is different from the other, completion of series, locate the concealed figure and fill in the correct figure.

The exam does not have any Negative Marking for wrong attempts.

Prepare Yourself

Don’t think about any shortcut while preparing for the OIR Test. The only way to pass the test is to practice. You have to do regular practice for the exam. A candidate should pick one topic & start practicing all types of questions in the practice time. Each topic has at least ten types of questions, try & practice all of them successfully.

Candidates should practice verbal & Non-verbal questions. You may be able to solve most of them, but you should also understand the logic behind them. The main aim of the exam is to check the logical ability and intelligence of a candidate that matters the most.

You should gain Accuracy & Speed in the OIR Test. Both both aspects are an essential part of clearing an exam. Instead of solving a question in haste, you should understand the question properly & then solve it with the focus. Do not try to make maximum attempts, just try to make correct answers to the given questions.


First of all, always keep in mind, that the question you will attempt correct will only help you to get marks. Do not try to attempt those questions that you don’t know. You can’t play the guesses game with the options. The number of attempts will make no change in your performance in Officer Intelligence Rating Test.


Verbal Section

Q: If in a certain language, APPLE is coded as BQQMF, how is PUNE coded in that code?
A: The answer is simple. Each alphabet of APPLE is coded by its succeeding alphabet. Likewise, code Bombay as QUOF.

Non-verbal Section

Q: Complete the given series : 10 ,9 ,8,7,6,5,4______

A: The next number in the series is made by adding -1 in the previous number. The next number is 3.

Picture Perception Description Test

Picture Perception Description Test is a psychological test that is made to check the thinking process of a candidate. This is done by showing a picture with a character & you have to write a story on it. Generally, the picture is shabby & hazy. The character is seen with some shabby condition. Maybe he is struggling with his conditions. Get his condition & plot the story with a positive message at the end. You can also give some practical advice on it.

Then after, you have to discuss your story with your other candidates to know what they have written. After listening to all, all of you should come to a common story.

Prepare Yourself

Picture perception is not a type of test, which you can prepare from before. You need to start observing the pictures and creating some thoughts on them. To perform well in this round, you should start observing in your surroundings so that you can become a more better observer to create some good story. You should create the story with a positive aspect, your thinking must go in the direction of creating a solution, not the problem.

After this round, you will face the Group Discussion. For GD, you have to improve your communication skills. You also need t to listen the story of other people.

Many candidates complicate the story after they listen to the views of other people. You should not be distracted by someone’s idea. Picture Perception is made to check the mental health of candidates. You should follow the instructions like time limit & other. This leads to losing the chance of their opportunity. You should be showing your mind’s positivity, fertility, and optimism in the test to increase your chance of selection.

Group Discussion is another round where the candidates are asked to discuss the individual ideas they have for the picture. You don’t have to argue in the GD or raise your voice to suppress someone. This will make an adverse effect on your performance.


The picture shown in the PPDT is not a very clear image. The candidates are free to imagine any story about the picture. Your story can be seen in any plot. There is no limitation to your imagination. You can create any story in the paper. There can be multiple stories as per your mind. The story should be related to the object shown in the image, else you can do anything you like to imagine.

The Group discussion is organized to discuss the individual ideas made by the candidates. The main goal of the discussion is to come up with a common idea that has to be presented to the commanding officer. The person who speaks the common interest gets the recommendation to the next level.

Note :- While speaking about the idea , stay focused & attentive to the assessor. Do not see on other sides while narrating the story after discussion.


Answer:- The Hero trespassed into the orchard when caught confessed the fault (Initiative) in an acceptable and submissive way. Also, he made the confession (Courage) with his friend not to repeat it (the Hero had Self-Confidence and a good friendly influence on his. Further, he requested not to take to their parents on their promise to do something good for the garden (Sense of Responsibility). Seeing their acceptable conversation, admissible gesture and the degree of confession, Mali released them. Ram and Raghu convinced their friends (Social Adaptability and Ability to Influence the Group) to set an example by doing some welfare deeds which made Mali happy and he rewarded them with fruits.

Thematic Apperception Test

Thematic Apperception Test is almost the same as the picture perception test. This is done by showing 11 pictures one after another followed by the last blank image. Candidates are instructed to write a story on the base of these pictures in 3 to 4 minutes. The images appear for 30 seconds on the screen. The test aims to check the thoughts & imagination of the candidates deeply.

Reason behind Thematic Apperception Test

After World War II, psychologists expanded the use of the TAT to help understand the disordered thinking of patients previously diagnosed with a mental health condition, which was not used to aid in the diagnostic process itself, and to assist in identifying the best type of therapy for a particular patient personality. With the growth of the human potential movement of the 1970s, psychologists used the TAT to help their clients better understand themselves for optimal personal growth.

Writing almost 11 stories for every image will be more than enough to reveal your personality. As all the candidates write the story on the pictures shown to them, a blank picture is also shown to them. The blank picture needs your imagination to write a story on it. All the 12 stories will provide an idea about your personality by the examiner.

Prepare Yourself

Thematic Perception Test is conducted to evaluate your thought patterns , emotions & actions.To change your thinking process , you need some time. This will help you to perform better, but this will be done in few months. This is a long term process, but will help you.

You should know what needs to be an officer in Armed Forces. There will be lot of help to you by the exams. Reading will help your transform your thoughts. Reading good books will let you know more things & let you think radically.

While you write the stories, you should use your imagination & the practical world so that you will be able to know more about it. You can’t use anything childish like unicorn or anything. Your story should also be inspiring & interesting. Make sure you are in SSB, the stories you make must be so real that the assessor should take some interest in them. The stories should always be connected to the picture not with some other thing.


Your stories should also have a central character. The central character or the Hero helps the people to get connected with the listener. The character should show some positive note with you. The character of Hero shows how inspiring you are in real life , but do not make his something super.

Sometimes Picture shows something negative like they show some ending objects like Gloomy Face, Dead Body & an accident Scene. Do not stick in them & create a story that comes out of it & makes a happy ending. Thematic Perception Test is the chance to show how imaginative , positive you are in real life to the officers sitting in front of you.

Word Association Test

Word Association Test is a psychological test. This test is done by giving 60 words one after another for 15 seconds. Now you have to make a sentence with the same. Don’t think that they are checking about your sentence formation. WAT is to check the intelligence to use the words instantly.

The duration of the test is 15 seconds. This can help you flaunt your mindset. To test your actions in different situations, these words will tell you to know how you are. Your preparation should be done with few words. Do not try to make something extra emphasising, stay original.

Prepare Yourself

For WAT, you need to increase your vocabulary. You can’t do your work with some limited words that you know from a book or Internet. You should train yourself to read more words so that you can make better sentence while talking to a reputed person. Vocabulary is a thing which you develop in many years.

As you practice , you will get more words. You should try unintentionally so that you can learn more with open mind.

SSB is not a simple task to do. It is never easy. You should stay with the standards of expectation. Candidates are tested in all aspects before they are selected for the Officers Post. You have to show the positivity inside you, they can test with the most negative situation , but you can convert it to the positive situation. Your Intelligence can help you clear all the obstacles that are kept in front of you.

Do not rush on anything see everything with the calm mind. Your success in not just to find sentences in a word , but also how you solve problems in a situation.


The most challenging thing to do a task is Time Limit. The Time Limit in all the questions must be seen, you will never get an extra second for anything. You should be able to know about your question. If you are stuck with a question, then you can leave the space for it & complete others. The space can be filled afterwards but before the time is over. The time management techniques should be such that shows how able  you are for Becoming an Officer.


Q: Accept
A: Strong people accept challenge willingly.

Some other words: approach, again, child, delay, aware, adult, calm, careful, calamity, death, etc.

Group Task

The Group Task is conducted on the 3rd & 4th day in SSB Ground Testing Officer. This is a series of nine tasks. All the tasks are evaluated under GTO by putting all the candidates by assigning a different task. Atask is performed by 8 to 10 aspirants who are in a group.

  • GD (group discussion) :- Group Discussionis held for 20 minutes, which the topics are based on social issues. The discussion starts with a cool environment & soon becomes a heated argument & sometimes becomes a verbal fight. There comes a time when you don’t remain silent & start using the strategic policies to stay active in the Group Discussion. If you son’t have the valid points to speak on , then you can make some notes in the GD & act as a summarizer in the GD. But do not lag in the group.
  • Group planning exercise:- This begins with the group planning exercise where the group is assigned a common plan to solve a situation , the problem contains a number of individual problems that a individual need to solve on a paper. Analyze the problem carefully with all the resources you get. After this all, choose a representative where he will present the plan made by the group.
  • Group obstacle race:- The Group Obstacle Race is known as Snake Race. The race is done by holding a snake. The snake is actually a sac like structure where you have to hold it & run together with your group. The race will also have some obstacles. This test checks hw well you work with group in GTO.
  • Progressive group task:
  • After this, you have to take part in progressive group task where again you need to perform in group and will have to pass an obstacle with the help of materials like, plank, rope, etc. Here 4 set of tasks are given to the group and with the help of two planks and a rope, you have to carry all group members and a load from the start line to the finish line. Other major rules to follow in PGT are demonstrated by Group Task Officer.
  • Half group task:  The Half Group Task is similar to the PGT, the time the group will be divided into two parts. Each group works separately to cross one obstacle with the two planks & a rope & some directions given by the GTO. The sub group has to complete the task in the given duration of time.
  • Lecturete:- This stage includes the lecture to be given by every candidate. You have to choose one of the topic from the given topics & prepare a specch fro 3 minutes.
  • Command task: – The command task is a major task in SSB. GTO takes a brief introduction of you i.e. about your Education & hobbies & then they assign you a task. You lead two of your sub-ordinate in the group & cover a short obstacle by directing them with a solution. Reach the finish line with your group. This is to show your Leadership quality , sportmanship & team spirit in the task. THis shows a huge portion of your personality in front of the GTO.
  • Individual obstacle race:- This phase is consisting of ten obstacles which are to be covered in 3 minutes. You have to run through all the obstacles accroding to the numbers that is assigned to you.

The last task from GTO assigned to you is Final Group Task which is like PGT , but the problem is little complex than this. If you got a simple solution for it, then you can clear the task. Remember the solution will be seen if you simplify the problem.

Prepare Yourself

Many of us do not practice enough for the Group Tasks , GTO test needs a lot of preparation and hard work from the beginning. You should start the practice from now , you should update your GK & form your unbiased opinion which should be totally yours. Make your own solutions.

The outdoor tasks practice can be made by playing sports & act your best in all. The most important thing is to keep your team in all, develop the team spirit in the whole. If you will make up on the whole team, then all your member will work together to produce better results.

While GTO will observe working all you, you should keep in mind that nether you have to over emphasise your self or being tamed in the group. You have to make some balance between both. GTO is all about the group tasks, try to be engaged in group more & more. Enjoy the tasks as a game & do not think about doing some work. SSB is the best way to show your talent in between.


GTO is the person who puts you in various tasks. His main aim is to check your confidence & mental stability , reasoning, application of concepts, and team spirit. Just keep one thing mind that the situation are not anything that can stop you. Always make a constructive approach in the problem area. Try to make a good plan & show it to your group so that all of you create a solution with team work. Emerge as a leader but do not force your decisions on someone.

The results are based on your ability. You should be clam in all situations, how well you find a solution in any situation will help you to become a successful Officer in the SSB. Every small activity is counted in SSB.


Conference day is the last day of the SSB. The result of SSB is also declared on the same day. All candidates have to appear in the final conference to meet the president of the board. They will ask you some general questions about your past life to check your confidence in front of superiors. Always stay confident & focus in front of senior officers.

Prepare Yourself

There is no need to prepare for the conference. You should keep yourself with your original personality. Keep yourself calm & positive. Answer all the questions with confidence & simplicity. Stay relax & soon after this step , you will get your dream job & will be forwarded with the SSB.

Conference is the last part of SSB. It is not a competition to perform well, you just need to stay as simple as you can. Do not try to be over smart or do not try to make any false impression in front of the Officer. They have knowledge about you,so do not try to make anything which is not your part of personality.


There is not need to make any further impressive talks, they are already impressed with you The main reason that they have called you for the conference. The most common questions are that they will ask you question for the experience of SSB tests.

your answers should be based on the experience with the learning attitude. Tell them how much you have learned in the test,. So if you have asked about it, do not make any foolish answer so that you will be able to get the final selection. This is a very major part of your SSB, after this you will get the selection with the final call letter. Answer everything with smile & confidence.

Procedure to crack SSB In 6 Steps

After reading the above lines, you must have known about some of the

You have realised your dream of qualifying SSB at a stroke. Now what you need to ask yourself is, how are you going to prepare yourself to convert this dream into reality? by now you must have realized that by going through every possible book or concentrating on your physical fitness is not enough. And unfortunately this is what every one is doing. You need to work on something that will set you apart from others. SSB is more of being your own self instead of imitating someone.

But when you see an officer, there are always some qualities that will leave a mark on you. You must have these traits and habits in you to become an armed officer. These habits are not something that people are born with, but rather they are developed with time. Undermentioned are some of the qualities which can be developed by following good habits.

Behave like an officer

As you want to become an officer, start making yourself an officer within. If you have seen the attitude of an officer before, start observing them how confidently they put an impression on someone. If you haven’t meet one yet, then meet someone & then make an observation on them.

To be an officer, you have to change yourself in terms of attitude. Focus on all those things that will help you become an officer. Try to evolve as a positive person in all aspects of life.

Do you remember when you have observed yourself to emerge as a better person. Many of us do not have the answers for the same. Start making a habit to observe yourself & remove all the negative points in you. The more you will work outside SSB, the chances of your selection will be more bright.

During Five Days of SSB

SSB will let you meet people with you haven’t met before. The five days of SSB will be your days of test & will help you to get your dream job. The consecutive tests are designed to check your social behaviour and communication skills at extreme standards. You have to evolve from all the conditions that you face in there & try to make thing work for you.

Each day will inspire you to push harder & stay strong with it. The best way to deal with the solution is be as flexible as water. Do all the things they want you to do in the tests. Soon you will know that will cross all the obstacles & you will be passing the SSB.

Start changing your friends with Officers. Talking to an officer will help you make them or behave them like them. You will see the charisma behind them. There are so many qualities that they have while you start interacting with them.

There are lot of things that an officer has to handle. So you need to have your presence of mind & you should gain more & more knowledge about them. The lack of presence of mind will make you fall in the middle. To be an officer start observing thing to create a constructive approach in them.

Live your life like an Officer so that you don’t need to be a fake person in SSB. Show them that you are h best to recommend on the next level.

Be Yourself

SSB is not asking you to do any super natural task. They are asking to find some qualities like honesty & passion. You should be qulifed & must have a learning attitude that will help you n achieving your dreams. Always be honst in all the tests in SSB.

While filling the forms like PIQ form , you should stay honest. Do not try to write something that you can’t do. During the SSB Interviews , your answers will lead your Interview. Do not write confusing answers in the form. Don’t try to be over smart.

You should stick to the truth while talking to the Officer & superiors,. Do not act too friendly in front of them. Always maintain the thin line between you & the officer. Stay honest with them when they ask you something. Speak when you are require to speak.

Two Mantras: Interact and Observe

Always stay with a learning attitude & observing things such that they will help on gaining more knowledge about almost everything. Always remember that you should acquire knowledge to be more wise.

These are some points where you can help yourself to be a better performer in SSB.

  1. Make good social interaction with people.
  2. Make friends that make you a better person in life.
  3. Leave all the negative people who talk negative about your goals.
  4. Be friends with those people who have bigger ambitions than you.
  5. Try to do some competitive activities with them.

Make discussion for the various topics like current affairs & social issues. Make your personal views on the topics & record them for future use. As you will start making better ways on them, you sucess will be more near to you.

Don’t Overcrowd Thoughts

We all are surrounded by our thoughts in a very few seconds. We should increase our focus to stand with one thought & increase our focus in something. Most of the time, we are filled with unnecessary thoughts in our mind. The thoughts can be of many types like feelings, intentions, descriptions. As your will learn to be a focused man, you will know how you can easily do any of the task given in SSB.

You should use your brain in constructive tasks . You should think for a solution to any problem you face in the test. Imagination will help you to know more about the problems that you have in your fronts. So do not get traped in the negative thoughts but think of the positive thoughts where you have to  work with.

There are many times when you have to listen to all the instructions thta will get by the officer. You should calmly listen all of them & then start thinking about them to use it for sloving a problem or completing a task. You should keep your mind free from all the problems that you have in your past, a free mind will tell you how you can understand the situaiions etter as compared to a thoughtful brain.

Physical Fitness

Your physical fitness is a very important part of your Officer’s journey. You should keep yourself fit in all the conditions. Maintain a good stamina for your body so that you can do all the tasks better than anyone else. They are expecting you as an athelet but you still should have a better body to cop up with all.

To increase your physical boundaries start following these tips written below.

  1. Rise early from the bed i.e. 4:00 am in the morning & make some running exercises.
  2. Ty to overcome all the physical abilities of you.
  3. There are so many tasks that you need to do in the Armed forces.
  4. These tasks are slide, long jump, Zig-Zag Balance, High Screen jump, Burma bridge, Tarzan swing, Jumping platforms, Double Ditch, Commando walk, Tiger leap etc.
  5. These tasks need physical stamina & endurance.
  6. Always keep yourself ready with all the flows in the instructions given to you.
  7. Take a good diet. It is the fuel of your body. Take enough calories to burn while taking better diet than before.
  8. The better diet will improve your immune system for best physical fitness.

As you should know the mental fitness & physical fitness are connected to each other. You can’t imagine a weak body with a healthy mind. Your physical fitness will help yo achieve better results in terms of mind too.

Meditation and hard work is the key to success

Meditation is a very good thing to do anything in your life. It gives you calmness & concentration while working in anything.If you got control over all your senses , then you will soon get all the dreams you have. This will help you in SSB also.

Advantages of Meditation

  1. You can overcome through your negative thoughts.
  2. Helps you focus on your positive thoughts to work on your actual goal.
  3. You will feel the spiritual peace in your mind & bring better control on you.

The happiness on you provides you peace. The main gal of meditation is to keep your happy & positive thoughts. Stay optimistic in your life with respect to all situations.

The another quality you will get after mediation is courage. Courage is defined as the triumph over the fear. SSB will assign you many tough task, this quality will help to get better solutions on all the tasks. Keep your attitude fear free & you will know how soon your tasks will be done & the mission SSB will be accomplished. This attitude will also help in the training of SSB.

Always stay humble & intreract all the persons in SSB as your friend.

Bonus Tip

There are so many study material lying around on the Internet. You should think about the experince with the teacher & trainers. Try to get more experience on the SSB with all the practices. Always learn from your good & bad experiences so as to know how you can work in the practical ground.

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