Indian Air Force Salary Chart Slip & Benefits for Pilot Engineer 7th Pay Commission

Indian Air Force Salary Slip & Benefits

(IAF) Indian Air force salary slip and benefits for engineers , pilot , sergeant Pay Scale for IAF after 7th Pay Commission

Indian Air Force is a very important part of Indian Armed Forces. Indian Air Force (IAF) was created in 1932. IAF was founded with the aim of securing the Air defences of our country.

Indian Air Force Salary Slip Rank wise and Benefits

Job in Indian Air Force is given to one of the finest minds of country. There are many students who don’t know how much preparation is needed to get a job in Indian Air Force.

Indian Air Force has a very important role in the country defence. There are many examples in the history where the Air Force has shown its importance during the war. The most accurate example for this are Pakistan & china war period. Indian Air Force also helps people during the Natural Disasters & calamities.

Indian Air Force Pay Band – IAF Salary and Benefits for Officers 2020

Here we are going to provide you all the salary and benefits of all the Ranks in IAF for more.

Salary of Flying Officer

Flying Officer is a junior commissioned officer in Indian Air Force. A Flying Officer is above of a pilot officer and immediately below flight lieutenant. Flying Officer is a post name given to the Air Force where British influence is seen. The newly Joined Flying Officer of IAF gets a salary of 15,600 per month.

    There are various other allowances that a Flying officer gets & thus it increases the salary. These allowances arec

    AllowancesRs per Month
    Military Service PayRs. 6000
    Kit Maintenance AllowanceRs. 500
    Transport AllowanceRs. 3200 (in Metros) & Rs. 1600 (in other towns & cities)
    Flying Allowance (for flying branch officers)Rs. 11,250
    Technical Allowance (for technical branch officers)2,500
    • Pay-Scale :-  PB III
    • Pay-Scale :-15,600-39,100
    • Dearness Allowance calculated @ of 80% of Gross Emoluments 21,600 INR per month
    • Grade Pay :- 5400
    • Median Scale :-  6,000

    Salary of Flight Lieutenant

    Flight Lieutenant is a junior commissioned air force rank. This post ranks above flying officer and below squadron leader. All the allowances that a Flying Officer gets are as same for Flight Lieutenant

    1. Pay-Scale :-  PB III
    2. Pay-Scale :-15,600-39,100
    3. Grade Pay :- 5100
    4. Median Scale :-  6,000

    Salary of Air Force Squadron Leader

    Squadron Leader is a commissioned rank in the Royal Air Force. A Squadron Leader is a rank above flight lieutenant and below wing commander. It is the most junior of the senior officer ranks. All the allowances described above are applicable for the Squadron Leader.

    • Pay-Scale :-  PB III
    • Pay-Scale :-15,600-39,100
    • Grade Pay :- 6600
    • Median Scale :-  6,000

    Air Force Wing Commander Salary

    Wing Commander is a senior commissioned rank in the Indian Air Force. The rank of Wing Commander is between squadron leader and Group captain.

    • Pay-Scale :-  PB IV
    • Pay-Scale :- 37,400-67,000
    • Grade Pay :- 7600
    • Median Scale :-  6,000

    IAF Group Captain Salary

    Group Captain, is a senior commissioned rank in Indian air force. The rank of Group Captain is between Air Commodore.

    1. Pay-Scale :-  PB IV
    2. Pay-Scale :- 37,400-67,000
    3. Grade Pay :- 8700
    4. Median Scale :-  6,000

    Air Vice Marshal Salary

    Air vice-marshal (AVM) is a two-star air officer rank in Indian Air Force. The rank is a sub-ordinate to the Air Marshal.

    • Pay-Scale :-  PB IV
    • Pay-Scale :- 37,400-67,000
    • Grade Pay :- 10,000
    • Median Scale :-  6,000

    Air Commodore Salary in Indian Air Force

    Air Commodore is a one Star Rank & the most junior general rank of the air officer.

    • Pay-Scale :-  PB IV
    • Pay-Scale :- 37,400-67,000
    • Grade Pay :- 8,900
    • Median Scale :-  6,000

    Air Marshal

    Air Marshal (AM) is a three-star air-officer rank. The rank of Air Marshal is senior to the rank of Air Commodore and subordinate to the rank of Air Force chief.

    1. Pay-Scale :-  PB IV
    2. Pay-Scale :- 37,400-67,000
    3. Grade Pay :- 12,000
    4. Median Scale :-  6,000

    Chief of Commands

    The Chief of Commands is immediately senior to the rank of air marshal but subordinate to Air Force Chief.

    • Pay-Scale :-  Apex Band
    • Pay-Scale :- 80,000
    • Grade Pay :- NA
    • Median Scale :-  NA

    Air Force Chief

    Air Force Chief is the senior most rank of Indian Air Force.

    • Pay-Scale :-  Apex Band
    • Pay-Scale :- 90,000
    • Grade Pay :- NA
    • Median Scale :-  NA

    Organisational Structure of Indian Air Force –  IAF Rank and Promotion Timeline

    IAF has a active strength of 1,27,000 & the fleet of 14,99 aircrafts. IAF jobs are not the matter of pride but the salary of Air Force employees are also very attractive. Many people want to join IAF because of any reason like Allowances & Job Security or to serve the country.
    The reason could be anything but if you are willing to do a job in the most reputed Armed Forces of India, then the level of competition must be known to you. If you think that you are fit for the Indian Air Force, then you should also check the other candidates for better competitive strength.

    We are going to tell you the salary structure of Indian Air Force.

    indian Air Force ranks
    Indian Air Force ranks

    Career and Promotions In The Indian Air Force

    Indian Air Force is a 45 squadron force & it is the 4th largest Air Force in the world. To make a career in Air Force & get the promotions in the Air Force we are providing you some details.

    1. Air Force has removed the rank of Pilot Officer. After a cadet passes from the Air Force Academy , a cadet is directly commissioned for Flying Officers.
    2. Technical Officers get advantage of seniority & gets promotion. This is the main reason why technical entry is the best opportunity for the youngster.
    3. Flying Officers get promotion to the rank of Flight Lieutenants aftr completion of 3 years of service.
    4. To get the next rank i.e. Captain, a person needs to pass the departmental exam which called as Promotion Examination ‘B’.
    5. The examination is a combination of various questions from General Knowledge, Staff duties and Professional subject. 50% marks is mandatory to pass the exam.
    6. After six years of service as an officer . Indian Air Force grant the substantive rank of Squadron leader or major.
    7. To get upper ranks in IAF , a candidate must pass promotion Exam C. The exam is based on the same questions like Current affairs, Air Power, Air Force Law and General Service training. An officer is promoted after 12 years of service to substantive wing commander or Lieutenant Colonel.
    8. The rank of Wing Commander is known as time scale promotions. All the promotions are based on the merit & seniority. An officer of Flying branch is eligible for the promotion to the rank of Group Captain & Colonel after 16 years of service. Ground Duty Officers are considered for Group Captain Rank after 18 years of service.
    9. Promotion is done by the promotion Board no. 1 that is headed by AOP (Air Officer in Charge personnel). The specialist officers of concerned branch are elected for the member of promotion Board. Like technical officers , AOM as selected as the member of promotion board.

    Every year, promotion is done in the month of April & May. The eligible officers due considerations that is dependant on service, qualifications & annual confidential reports that are considered for the rank of captain. The ACR’s (Annual Confidential reports) are considered on the 9 point scale & work average.

    Factors that are responsible for Promotion in Indian Air Force

    There are some other factors that are responsible for the promotions in the Officers Rank.

    1. Service qualifications
    2. Staff college
    3. Qualified Flying Instructors Course
    4. Long Defence Management course

    These factors help to get an extra weight age for the consideration. The board will cut the names depending upon the number of vacancies.

    Promotions for the Air Commodore / Air Vice marshal

    The promotions of Air Commodore ,  Air Vice marshal are under purview of Number two promotion board, here the Vice Air Chief is the presiding officer. The AOA is the attendant.

    According to the Board, a person must have minimum 10 years of service like command wing or station. The recommendations of promotion boards 1 & 2 are send to approve from Ministry of Defence. which has the last opinion in the promotion discussions.

    • All officers are considered for promotion by three promotion boards.
    • The concurrent promotion boards reserves 25% vacancies for the concurrent list officers.
    • Officers who bypass all the promotion boards are promoted to the group captain after 25 years of service.
    • The promotions to the rank of Air marshal & Chief Marshal are approved by the Defence Ministry & the appointment of Air Chief is done by Prime Minister.

    That is done for now. If you like this article & helps you to know about the salary & promotion process This will definitely clear many of your doubts. So if you think this helps you please leave a comment for us. Your feedback is always welcome.  For more information visit us @


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