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Facebook is the social Networking Giant on Earth. Slowly Instagram is also growing faster than ever. Person & Businesses are joining Instagram to share pictures & getting their followers from Facebook.  This help them to increase their business & let people recognise them with more audience.

So if you are new user in Instagram then you should read these sixteen tips & featured hacks that will help you to use Instagram better.

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Beginners | Instagram Guide

Warning :- We do not suggest you to use any third party Instagram app that ask you to enter your Login id & password. Instagram is strongly against this. This can lead to bad situation. Only use inbuilt features of Instagram.

1. Upload Instagram photos from your PC

If you use your Instagram via phone then this tip is not much useful for you. If you are Photographer or maintaining a social media account of a company then you know the convenience of using it on desktop.

Upload Instagram photos from your PC
Upload Instagram photos from your PC

Instagram can be used in desktop but you can’t upload pics. If you have a Tablet with Camera then only you can upload photos. For the solution you can use emulate Android using BlueStacks & install Instagram in it. Now you can upload photos via desktop without violating the terms of Instagram.

2. How to repost Instagram pictures

You can’t share a post in Instagram as you do in Facebook or Twitter. Many times it feels like missing Facebook because of not sharing  them.

To share Instagram Pictures you can use a popular app called Repost. Repost is available for Android & iOS. This app can’t share someone’s private pictures.

How to repost Instagram pictures
How to repost Instagram pictures

After you installed Repost, you can open your Instagram app , find a picture & click on three dots in the top right of that post. Now select Copy Share URL option.

Open Repost on your Phone. The copied Instagram URL will be imported in it. Tap the post to continue & explore the given options to customize the Repost Watermark.

After this , Tap on Repost Button which will start export & will open the picture in the Instagram Photo editor. Now you will be able to repost the pic in the traditional way.

3. Use Instagram as a photo editor for other apps

Instagram has a varierty of filters to help you enhance your pictures & gather likes & followers. The excellent Instagram editor can be used to upload pictures on other social networking platforms.

To do this , first enable the options Save Original Photos option in your settings. You can find the option by tapping the gear icon on your profile. Now turn on the AirPlane Mode. I assume you know how to enable Airplane Mode. Now upload your picture on Instagram & do all thew editing you needed. After the editing is done click to upload. As Airplane is on , you will not be able to upload it, and the picture will be saved in your gallery.

After this click on X button so that you picture could not be uploaded after the Internet connection is active.

4. Post multiple photos at once

After a few time after Instagram become popular a new feature i.e. to add multiple photos at once. If you are still unaware about this feature then you can  uploas as more as 10 photos at once.

To upload multiple , click on the Plus icon to add a new photo. Select one picture first & tap Select Multiple Icon shown above. This can be seen as right most icon at the bottom of image.

Now you are able to upload more photos & videos. Tap the next button, choose effects for them.

5. Get full-size Instagram images on desktop

The size of images in Phone’s app & desktop are not the same. You can get the original picture by using this Instagram Trick.

To get the full size image, you need to open Instagram image in the web browser. Take a look on on the URL & remove “?taken-by” and the characyers followed by it.

Now add “/media/?size=l” to the URL and press Enter. Now the full size Instagram pictures will be shown to you. The picture originally stored on Instagram server. Right click on it & save it in your PC.

6. Turn Instagram images into ASCII art

Don’t know why but Instagram save ASCII text version of images on its servers. If you like , you can see those ASCII text in your browser. For this afte opening the full size image as told above. you need to add .txt to the URL to get the ASCII text of the picture.  If you add .html , then you will get a colored ASCII HTML.

Turn Instagram images into ASCII art
Turn Instagram images into ASCII art
 Instagram images into ASCII art
Instagram images into ASCII art

7. Add hashtags after posting, here’s why

This trick is quite useful for people who are habitual of sharing pictures on other social media accounts. If you do so , then you may also be adding multiple hashtags & sharing it to the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Well you should skip the hashtags adding in the caption. & share it to the other social platforms.

After sharing is done you can edit the picture & add as much hashtags as you like. Now you do not need to delete the long #hashtags from other social networks where it was to be shared.

8. Compare the filtered and unfiltered Instagram photos

During editing a picture in Instagram, there are so many filters that people forget how the original image looks like. So what you need to do for seeing the original version of edited image. Well you can tap and hold the image . This can show you the original image & will show you how much editing you have done to it.

Compare the filtered and unfiltered Instagram photos
Compare the filtered and unfiltered Instagram photos

9. Adjust the intensity of Instagram filters

As you edit a picture for uploading it on Instagram, you must know how mush is enough. If you do not control the intensity of filters then the image won’t be the same become unsuitable to upload on Instagram.

Adjust the intensity of Instagram filters
Adjust the intensity of Instagram filters

To do so, you can tap on the filter you are applying on the image. As you could see, it is on full intensity by default. To reduce the strength , tap on selected filter again. This will show you a slider to reduce the filter intensity. After you set it to desired strength, you can select Done & post the image.

10. Get notified when someone posts

When Instagram first launched its feed sorting algo, many people didn’t like it. It’s because they intend to see all the latest posts at one place. This also hides the recent pictures of your dear ones.

So to keep the control on your Instagram feeds , make sure you don’t miss a single post of your close friends. Turn on the Post Notifications by tapping the three dots on any post of the person. This can also be done by visiting the particular person profile page.

11. Adding paragraphs to Instagram captions in iOS

Instagram has many features, but specifically in the iOS app you can add line breaks or paragraphs. In iOS Instagram app in the place of return button , there is

While Instagram is surely a well-designed app that has right features at the right places, in its iOS app one can’t simply add line breaks or paragraphs. In iOS Instagram app, in place of the Return button, there are # and @ symbols for adding hashtags and adding people.

To use the Return key to add paragraphs and line breaks, you need to tap the 123 button and switch the keyboard format. Now you can locate the Return button in the bottom right, which can be used to add line breaks. To add new paragraphs, you need to do something more as Instagram removes all the line breaks except one. For that, you need to add a period or some other punctuation on each line. Take a look:

12. See what pictures you’ve liked; see your friends’ activity

Many of us may not accept this but people use Instagram t stalk other s. If you are one of them then you must be staying in their profile without doing any activity. You do not have to like any of their pictures or comment on them.

If , by mistake you have liked their pictures then you do not remember hose pictures. You can know this this trick. Open their profile  and tap the gear icon (iOS) and three dot icon (Android). Now look for the Posts You’ve Liked option and tap on it. It’ll show all the past posts of others that you’ve liked:

To see the activities of your friends on Insta , tap the heart button & you can see the notifications of the . You can see the names of the people you they follow on Instagram

13. Enable two-factor authentication

If you are using online social accounts for a;long tie then you must have know about the Two -way authentication., Two way authentication is an extra layer of security in the account which includes your phone number in the login process. This disables a person to hack someone account.

Instagram Enable two-factor authentication
Instagram Enable two-factor authentication

To enable it, click on the gear (setting) icon at the top right to open the Options screen. There, you can see the Two-factor Authentication option and click on it.

Now click on the Require security code toggle.If you added a phone number before then it will ask you to confirm the phone number to be used as  Two way Authentication. Now afterward you will login to your Instagram it will send a confirmation message in your phone via SMS. This will safe your account from someone else.

14. URL changing trick Drive traffic to your website

To make it sure the environment of Facebook do not comes in Instagram. Yes I am talking about the click bait & unnecessary links which takes you to any website.

You could copy the link of your website in the caption of image but it will not not link to your website. Anybody who click on it will not direct him to your website.

But we have a trick by which you can get some traffic your website by adding pictures on your Instagram. For example as you have written a post on a topic & put some pictures on the article. Now post those pictures on the Instagram & write caption on it.

Put the website link on your Bio & the caption should be as to click the link from the Bio. Each time you are posting an image for a particular post, then everytime you have to change the Bio with the new post link & you will get good traffic in your posts.

15. Send pictures privately to specific friends and use Instagram as a chatting app

Sometimes when we like something on Instagram , we like to share it with our close friends. We do it by tagging them in the comments. But this can be seen to everyone. if you want to make this conversation private then you should send this picture privately to your friend.

You must have seen the send icon near the like button. Using it you can share the picture privately to your friends. Click the send button & choose the recipients from the list texts, emojis, pictures, links, whatever you like.

Your Instagram is also a Chatting application. To do click on the friends profile &  tap the three dots icon at the top right.Select Send Message & start your conversation by sending.

16. Add, hide, and reorder filters

Instagram disables many filters in it. These filters are useful in enhancing a photo . To use them you have to go to the end of filter & use the slider with your fingers & adjust it by clicking on the Manage option.

Now you can remove or add any number of filters by tapping on them. You can reorder them by tapping on the left side of filter listing & drag it up or down. It may also order automatically in the sequence of filters you use in your Instagram Photos.


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    I will definitely use the Instagram Tips that you provide you use the Instagram Filters in editing the picture before I upload them. The editing options iN Instagram are amazing but still I cant use it properly. But now they are familiar to me after reading this.

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