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8 Mozilla add-ons used by hackers

Hackbar for Firefox , Firefox Hackbar tutorials, addon hacker repo , hackbar pro As i always tell you something from the world of hacking. Many of you may be working in Kali Linux or Parrot Linux.

If you have started pen testing on any of it then you must have knowledge of many hacking tools. Hacking is all about knowing the hacking tools like Mozilla hackers add-ons.

Firefox Hacker Add-ons for Penetration Testing

The number of hacking tools you know the more chances occur for your successful penetration testing. Here I am going to tell you about Mozilla Add-ons for you.

Download Mozilla hackers add-ons

These are some of the which I know.

Tamper Data Mozilla Add-on

A very useful add-on for pen testers. Basically it is used to view & update. HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters, trace and time HTTP response or requests, security test web applications by modifying POST parameters. Download it from here.

HackBar Firefox Addons

Hack Bar is used for security audits, It strongly recommend the installation of XSS, SQL Encoding/Decoding – MD5, SH1, Base64, Hexing, Splitting etc. Download it from here.

HTTP Headers Live Firefox 

This add-on works as same as Tamper data but the difference is that it allows viewing HTTP headers of page while browsing. Download it from here.

User Agent Switcher Firefox

This add-on works like it adds a menu & a toolbar button to switch the user agent f browser. This helps in changing a User agent to IE or search bots. This add-on can also creates a new user agent.Download it from here.

Cookie Manager+ Firefox

This add-on is used to view, create , edit & injecting cookies.With this add-on you can check the additional information about cookies. You can edit multiple cookies at once. Download it from here.

HTTPFox firefox

It monitors all the incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the browser and the web servers. It works like Http Watch or IE Inspector in Mozilla.Download it from here.

Firefox Passive recon

It performs packet less discovery of target resources using publicly available information. Download it from here.

SQL Inject me Firefox 

SQL injection is a very damaging method that can happen to a web application. SQL injection can create or delete any part of database & left the application in an in-determinant state or in non-working state. This add-on is used test SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Download it from here.

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