What is JailBreaking? Can you do it legally?

Many of you have seen an iPhone with five icons of dock. May be a console emulator in an iPad. Well if you don’t know about it you must know that is a jailbreak iPhone.

iPhone users are happy with the product while some of them are not. Those who prefer freedom over security goes for jailbreaking. This article is written for you who wants to know about jailbreaking & is it legal or not.
Read the whole article so that you can get the information about this.

What is Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is a process where a person exploits the vulnerability of a phone’s OS & break the restrictions made by a Manufacturer. This involves  a privilege escalation attack that replaces Factory installed OS with a custom kernel.
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In other word, what happens it to install a modified set of kernel patches that provided root access to your iPhone.

Why to do this

There are many restrictions added by Apple for the products. To make it on Apple App store these restrictions need to be crossed. The restrictions are made for security reasons.
There are many apps available on App store which you can’t install you jailbreak iPhone.

Reasons for jailbreak iPhone.

  • Phone is now a private property of you. You can do anything with that.
  • User can download apps from anywhere before this App store is the only option.
  • You can use other alternative apps than manufacturer,
  • You can customize your phone as desired. Without jailbreaking you can’t do this anymore.
  • You can tether you iPhone with your Mac PC & expand your network.
Jailbreak iPhone
Jailbreak iPhone

Why you should not jailbreak iPhone?

If you jailbreak there will be many issues that will be a problem to you. Customers have reported reduced battery life, increased data usage and general instability. It also makes your phone more easily hackable.

Reasons why should not Jailbreak

  1. You will lose your warranty & apple will not help you in case of any damage.
  2. iPhones are popular for security. If you did jailbreak then your security will be on risk. Any bug or malware can attack your phone.
  3. Jailbreaking will become a race of rat & cat. When a new update will be released you have to go & jailbreak again & again.
  4. Many apps & features will be lost after you jailbreak your phone.

Is JailBreaking Legal?

Jailbreaking is legal in U.S. You can know about your country be reading your laws.
According to U.S. Digital Millennium copyright Act of 1998 , DMCA regulates pirated software. They have declared this as a crime. The copyrighted material made by a company must be protected by law & no unauthorized person can break the security of it.
Later in 2010 , the congress has modified the DMCA rule & stated a fair use clause in it. They officially declared the jailbreaking as fully lawful. You can jailbreak manually or by a third party software.
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