Facebook messenger reactions & mentions – New feature of Facebook

Facebook is adding many new features in it. After testing the Facebook fact checker tool, now it has added new features in the messenger app. Now you can send reactions & mentions in your Facebook messages. Try Facebook messenger reactions & mentions.

Facebook messenger reactions & mentions

This year Facebook has come with so many new features like Facebook fact checker, reactions & mention. Now you are able to react on a received message from the seven reactions provided to you. You can add mentions in your messages.
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The feature is ready to release on Facebook. Both features are coming in few days According to the sources.
To add a reaction long click on the message thread & select an emotion from the available seven. The seven emotions available for this are love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no. The last two are same as like & dislike. Both of them are dedicated as thumbs up & thumbs down.

Facebook messenger reactions & mentions
Facebook messenger reactions & mentions

When you are in a conversation you can how many people on which message thread gave their reaction. You can also check what type of reactions are given to your messages. If your messenger is closed then you will receive notification of every reaction on your message. Reactions can be given to any type of message. The type of messages are  text, stickers, videos, images, GIFs, and even other emoji. The feature works in a group conversation or in normal one.

Mention someone on Facebook Message

You can also use the other feature i.e. mention someone. This feature is also a very nice feature. I personally call it as “Attention seeker”. This will help you to diver someone’s attention & grab it on you. Type “@” & the name of that person whom you want to see you.
The friend whom you have mentioned will receive a notification from you. The notification is different from the conventional one. The notification will be same as calling someone’s name.
These new features of Facebook will attract more users in using it. Facebook is working hard to defeat its competitors & excel in the field.
If you have used the feature then write us your reaction in the comment box.
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