Mozilla Open Source Speech Recognition System Project Named Common Voice asks for Volunteer voice

A new open source project named Common voice has been launched by Mozilla. This project is based on speech recognition system where online volunteers are invited to submit the voice samples of them & validate the samples. The aim is to collect ten thousand samples of voice for speech recognition training.

Mozilla Common Voice Speech Recognition project

According to Google, the Internet searches has been migrated to voice search on mobile up to 20 percent. The text search is going to down per year. In this case, the voice recognition technology must be made better than before. There are various tech giants who have created their own voice processors like Cortana, Siri & Google Assistant.
The tech giants are doing their world but the open source project are also coming up in the world. These project are also coming in the open source world. This will led to contribute the developers to work on such projects & build better innovation for them. The first open source organisation has come up with these things i.e. Mozilla. The name of project is Project Common Voice.

Mozilla Common Voice Speech Recognition project 
Mozilla Common Voice Speech Recognition project 

Mozilla invites Volunteers for Speech Sample

Mozilla has invited volunteers to help in the training of pen source speech recognition system. It is asking you to spend some time on validating sentences rad by others & same time you have to contribute your voice for reading some sentences. You can contribute as much as you could, the more you spend your time voice recognition will get improved.
Mozilla has set a goal to get 10,00 hours of audio for the open source database to update in 2017.
Tech giants like Google are already doing this with your data in AI systems. This is done by giving you some free services to people & get the voice data by them. It s far better to contribute for Mozilla project as the project is open source & this will improve the quality of your products.
You can go ahead and give it a try here.

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