How To Install Multiple Boot / Bootable OS On One USB – Multiboot flash drive windows and linux

Here I am telling you how you can make a multi boot USB drive for your OS installation. Here I am going to provide you that technique by which you can do this.

Multiple ISO Files In One Bootable USB Disk – Multiple bootable Pen drives with Windows & Linux

To make a multi boot USB drive, you need a software, this standalone software is used to create such USB. Here I am giving a list of five such software.


This is one of the amazing tool that can be used by someone. Just insert your pen drive & install the program in your PC. Your Pen drive must be of 16 GB minimum. After you run the Multiboot you can select the various options from the windows & click on create. Now the process of transferring OS from the PC to USB.
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Using the same process you can create another OS bootable Pen drive.You can use QEMU to check the working of your PC.

multi boot USB drive
multi boot USB drive


XBoot is very simple to use. You can just drag & drop to create bootable USB.
Then after select the USB drive in which you want to install the OS. After you select the ISO file & your USB drive, click on OK. This will create a bootable USB on your pen drive. After completion you can use the drive in any PC.
Doing the same procedure you can create another OS on your Pen drive. Here how you can create a multiboot USB. Using QEMU you can check the live loading of OS.

YUMI (Your Universal Multiple Installer)

This is a very popular tool that is used by many people these days. Using this tool , you will get an intercative graphics. You can create ISO in seconds using. The only feature that lack in YUMI is QEMU. You can do the live preview of any OS.


This tool is a little hard to use but you will learn to use it. The best feature of this software is that you can create multiple partition in your pen drive as you do in your Hard disk. These partitions will help you to create multiple OS in the pen drive.


Using WinSetupFromUSB you can create multiple number of OS in a single pen drive. Not only different OS but also different version of same OS. LIke you can install Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Windows 10 and even Linux OS in a single pen drive.
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