Find windows product key manually using CMD or Powershell & Windows registry

Find windows 7 product key from command prompt

Here we are talking about the problem when we have to reinstall windows in our computer. This could be of any reason. This might happen because of any virus or you were using another operating system for some time & now want to switch back to windows.

Find windows 7 product key from registry – Windows 8.1

After reinstalling you might need the windows activation key for the activation of your windows. Even if you have purchased the windows earlier & now you have lost the product key of that. You can get it back by using these methods.

Find Windows 7 Product Key Manually

As you all know about how you can download the Windows OS in a fully legal way. As you are reinstalling the Windows & you have lost your activation key. This is a serious problem which is not avoidable & you may have to face problems regarding this. To solve this you can read the methods written here.
As the windows operating system of newer versions are coming, process of finding the activation key is becoming harder than before. I assume that they want people not to get the key as easier as it was before. When you install windows OS into a computer. Windows stores it’s activation key into windows registry. Earlier Microsoft puts Certificate of Authority on the machine which can be known by some clicks.

Find Windows Activation key – Windows 7 Product Key Finder

If you have seen windows activation key earlier , then you will easily recognize it by just one look.It is a 25 character string of alphanumeric nature. Usually it is printed on the disk you have.

Where you can find Windows Key – Windows Product Key Generator

  • Windows Key on Machine’s sticker :- If you have purchased your computer from the authorized Microsoft dealer then you laptop will be having a sticker which has activation key & some bar codes. This sticker is found on the lower side of laptop. This sticker represents  COA  of it i.e. it has genuine windows installed.
  • Ask Microsoft for the Activation Key :- If you have taken the windows from the Microsoft website then you can ask for sending the activation  key again through e-mail.
  • Windows Activation key in Firmware :- As now the activation key is stored in the firmware. When you will reinstall windows in the machine then the activation key will be taken form the firmware itself. Make sure both the windows are of same version.

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Find Window Activation key using Registry file

Just copy the given code below in notepad & save as with name “actkey.vbs”. You must copy the code properly in notepad & save it the format as told above.
Copy Code from here
After you will save this code in key.vbs, then you can open it & it will show you the windows activation key. This can be written or copied somewhere else for future use.

Find Window Activation key using Command Prompt

If the above method seems longer then, you can use the Command prompt to extract the windows activation key. Open the command prompt with administrative access. For the admin access , you have to right click & click on Run as administrator. Now enter this command i.e. wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey. This method will work with retail licenses

Find Window Activation key using Power shell

This method is identical to the command prompt, but this will be working with power shell.

  • Find power shell in the start menu & right click on it.
  • After this click on Run as Admin.
  • Now enter this command in the shell i.e. powershell “(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey.

As per my knowledge I have told all the methods that can help you to extract the windows activation key form the windows computer. There may be some other methods. You can write anyone if you have any.
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