Uses of Cloud Computing in Business – Why is cloud computing becoming more popular?

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Cloud service technology is one of the powerful technology that can be used in any business field. This technology is not yet got the exposure that it should have. If you know the usage & advantages of using cloud services then you will definitely moved to this technology.

Why Cloud Computing is Important – Most Popular Cloud Applications in 2017

Use of cloud technology can be done by those people who are working on a same document but staying at different locations. Before the introduction of this technology what we do is, when the first person complete his part of job, the file is sent to another person who then complete his part. Using cloud services there is no need of doing this. Two or more than two person can see the file at the same time & edit them.
When these persons are working simultaneously, then they can work with more efficient manner. Side by side there is no need to send the document. This document can be seen from anywhere who is having the User name & password without considering any place.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

There are many advantage in using cloud services. Some of them are written for you to get a small introduction to you, who have no idea about it.
Ease of Access
If a document is stored in a cloud, then it can be accessed from anywhere. It only needs a device & Internet connection. You don’t need to store any backup for the data cloud services does this for you. All the data is safe in there.
Bulk Storage
In a personal storage device, the data storage is limited & insecure. Cloud services will secure your data with security algorithm & your data can’t be seen by any unauthorized person.
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Data Security
As discussed earlier data in cloud is safer than any other storage device. Tech giants are working hard to secure the data. The data is kept private by other users. There is no chances by which data can be leaked. A group of IT experts are working on security always.
Excellent Teamwork
A document can be seen to multiple persons at a time. All those persons are authorized member of that file. These members can edit a file at same time. This encourages teamwork for the team. A document can be stored again & again with different versions of data in it.
Saves Money
You can save your money from buying an external storage device. Google drive is providing 15 GB storage for free. Virus infection can also happen to your hard drive. Cloud storage is safe from all virus infections. Deleted data can also be recovered in a very small time by the user.

using cloud services
using cloud services

Physical damage free
A personal hard drive can be damaged by some way or it can be lost by someone. In case of Cloud service, there is no chances of this loss. All the data is saved on other computers which are not accessible to everyone.

Some Popular Cloud Services – Top Free Cloud Services

If you realised the uses of Cloud services in your business then you can try anyone of these. We are providing some cloud services to you. You can consider anyone you want to use.
It offers 2 GB free storage & 16 GB free if you link your social account to it.
Price: 2 GB free & charges $10 for 1 TB storage.
Google Drive
If you are an Android user & store your photos in Google Photos then you are already using cloud service of Google. Google provides 15 GB storage for its users.
Price: 15 GB free, 100 GB for $1 & 1 TB for $ 9.99.
One Drive
Microsoft’s owned One drive was formerly known as Sky drive. It is mainly used by Windows 10 platform.
Price: 5 GB Free, 50 GB for $2 per month.
If you want to have a backup of your data on I-phone to Cloud then you can use it. It is Apple owned as known from the name.
Price: 5GB free, 50GB for $0.99 per month.
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There are many other cloud services besides these four. You can try them too. If you like the information provided by us. Please let us know in the comment box. Thank You.

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