How to record Whatsapp call with your Android or iPhone Device

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. Due to its popularity it is improving day by day. Some years back when WhatsApp is only able to send & receive messages. Now WhatsApp has introduced the voice call & video call in the messenger. You can now record WhatsApp video call of a contact.
Many of us have replaced the normal phone call by the WhatsApp call. The calling is quite helpful & costs very less than the conventional calling. Do you ever tried to record whatsapp video call. If yes, then you must read this article to know more.
Many people has started searching method to record a call on WhatsApp. Whatsapp haven’t gave any option to record whatsapp video call. You can record the call by other means. if you want to do this, you can read the article to know more.
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Steps to record Whatsapp video call

Method 1

  • Open play Store on your Android phone & download WhatsApp call recorder.
  • Install the app in your phone. Now call a person in your contacts.
  • A red button is shown to your screen during your call.
  • Tap on the screen & call will start recorded.
  • The recording of call is saved on your Phone’s memory.

Method 2

  • Search Messenger Call Recorder app from Play Store & install it.
  • Open this app & click on Messenger Call Recorder to enable your recording for WhatsApp Call.
  • Alternatively you can also do it by Setting> Accessibility & tur it on.

record whatsapp video call
record whatsapp video call

With any of these method you can record a WhatsApp call so that you are able to store ir future use.

Record whatsapp video call on iOS phone

  • This method works on jailbreak phones only.
  • Install cydia on your IPhone.
  • Open Cydia & search for Watusi in your phone.
  • Install Watusi & open WhatsApp settings.
  • Now you see an option to record calls.
  • Enable the option tp record your calls.
  • Now you can record the call & the recordings will be saved in your phone’s memory.

Any of this method will not record any other calls except WhatsApp call. You can only record your WhatsApp call from these apps.
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