Fidget Spinner Game in Google Search – Virtual wheel of fortune game in Google

Fidget Spinners are very popular in Social media feeds these days. There are various reasons for this. People have different response on it. Some are saying that the craze is gone now, others are still killing their time on it & watching it spinning.
But the popularity of Fidget spinner has also forced Search engine giant Google. You should not be surprised in it, as Google does it many times as in the case of Easter Eggs. Google create applications which inspired people in day to day life.

How to play with fidget spinner in Google search?

Redditors have discovered that one could play with a fidget spinner by the Google search results. For this, you need to search spinner in Google & a virtual spinner will be seen on the screen.

How to play with fidget spinner in Google search?
How to play with fidget spinner in Google search?

This virtual fidget spinner can be used in desktop or mobile devices. This can be sued in Chrome, Firefox & Opera & edge browsers. The popular browser safari is not supporting it.
While using it, you can also use the toggle button in upper right corner. With the toggle the fidget spinner will be changed into wheel of fortune. The size of wheel can also be changed fromĀ 2 or 20.
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