How to shutdown your PC using a Pen Drive

Previously I told you about a trick where you can use your pen drive to lock your PC. In this article I am going to provide you another use of a pen drive. That is shutdown PC Pen Drive.

Shutdown PC Pen Drive

Here we are going to use the pen drive to shutdown a PC. May be this sounds a little odd to you ,but this can be done by notepad. You create a batch file for this task.
To do this cool trick you can follow the steps given here.

  • Open notepad & copy the following code in it.  @echo off shutdown -s -t 00

-s : shutdown.
-r : Restart.
-l : Logoff.
-t : Time(seconds after the PC should turn off).
-a : abort the shutdown of PC

Shutdown PC Pen Drive
Shutdown PC Pen Drive

  • 00 shows that PC must shutdown immediately. You can set the time (in seconds) after how many seconds your PC will shutdown.
  • Now save this file & name the file as shutdown.bat.
  • Again open a new notepad & copy the code given.
  • [autorun]
    Action=Mouse Disable
  • Now save this file ans save it but “autorun.inf”

Now you can copy both the files in your pen drive.  s you will insert this pen drive in any PC, that PC will be turned off. shutdown PC Pen Drive
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