Telegram messenger app adds AI powered encrypted voice to the voice calls

Telegram 3.18 messenger app is one of the famous messaging app used in the world. In India it is quite popular but not as popular as Whatsapp.

New Features of Telegram 3.18

Telegram was facing tough competition by the other competitors like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Signal. To be ahead from all these , Telegram has released the Voice calling feature in its app. The release is given only in the beta version.
Now you will say what difference does it make. So the interesting feature that telegram has given in the voice call feature is that the call will be secured by Emoji & Artificial Intelligence. The voice calling feature is late as compared to  other apps but the features are amazing. The time taken by the company has shown the innovation they have given in the feature.
The end to end encryption of the app is included in the app when you are doing a secret chating. The end to end encryption is nit as same as other app. You can switch it on or off according to your need.
The voice calling in telegram is also secured by end to end encryption. The encryption cannot be breached by any one not by telegram nor government.

Emoji-Based Secure Key Exchange in Telegram 3.18

A security mechanism is introduced in the messenger which includes exchange of emojis to make sure that call is safe. Users have to compare four emojis before the call.
Before making a call , you will see four emojis on the screen, if the person on other end got the same four emojis then the call is secure.

Telegram 3.18
Telegram 3.18

According to a blog post by Telegram “The key verification UI we came up with in 2013 to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks served well for Telegram (and for other apps that adopted it), but for Calls, we needed something easier,”
“That’s why we’ve improved the key exchange mechanism. To make sure your call is 100% secure, you and your recipient just need to compare four emoji over the phone. No lengthy codes or complicated pictures!”

Quality on Voice Call in Telegram 3.18

The voice quality of a call in telegram will be based on many parameters like  network speed, ping times, packet loss percentage.
Developer of telegram have claimed to have the best voice quality in the calls The quality of a call is controlled by using peer to peer connection, audio codecs & AI.
The most important aspect of the calling is AI support. As you make a call, AI network will start optimizing the call using telegram AI network will start a making a analysis to improve the quality of call. The quality of call will be maintained in low signal area.
During this AI can’t access the call content, so the security of call can’t be compromised.
You can also decide whom can call you who cannot. You can use the switch to restrict someone so that the person cannot call you.
There is also video compression which can be controlled. Before making a call you can check the quality of video & then decide what compression must be used to control the video quality.
All these features are given in the Telegram version 3.18. You can download them from Play Store or App store.
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