10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018 – Access Settings in Android

How to use gboard download for PC or android, iOS. See the settings, review, languages and app. Enable gboard in Android , do voice typing, number row, emoji style and chines version. How to launch and use gboard settings like voice typing in whatsapp on Android Phone.

How to use GBoard Android , Access Settings

Many of you are using Google GBoard in your Android phone. Do you know about its amazing features?. If no, then Google Gboard Tips & tricks is for you. This keyboard has many features like built-in search engine & to search gifs & emojis. Here you can read 10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018.

Google Gboard Tips & tricks
Google Gboard Tips & tricks

Google Gboard Tips & tricks

Google GBoard was released a few months ago. There are many Google Gboard Tips & tricks that people don’t know about. Gboard has made the typing experience much better than before.
So if you still haven’t updated to GBoard , then you can visit the link & update you phone with GBoard latest version.

10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018

A search Engine

GBoard is integrated with Google search engine. This may sounds you lame but this integration is one of the best decision of Google. Here you can search anything directly from the keyboard by using the search engine icon. Here you can search a query & share the searched result to your friend by using the share button. You can use all the google search tricks, image search, weather or app search.

Real Time Translate using Gboard

Yes while typing in the keyboard , tap on the search icon of Google. As the search icon opens , you can see the translate icon. As you will click on the icon your typed text will converted to you native language. And as long you will type your text, all of it will be translated in real time. You can use this feature for a message received in your phone.10 Pro Tips to use Google Gboard keyboard in 2018
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Search GIF and emoji

Now chatting is not just limited to text & smiley. Many of us use GIF images during our conversations. What we need to do is type a keyword followed by GIF and the search results will the suggestions of multiple GIF according to your search keyword.

One Hand Mode

Many times when you are eating & wants to text someone. Doing both tasks are a little difficult to everyone. To help this, GBoard has one more feature called One hand Mode. As you click on Gboard icon, you will see an icon like thumb. As you click on it, your keyboard will be shifted on one side. You can shift it anyway either left or right. After you finish eating , you can again default your keyboard’s look.

Add a row for Numbers

While typing many of us remember the old phones where the numeric pad is always available to us. Here with Gboard Settings you can add  a numeric pad in your keyboard. To do so go to  Settings > Preferences > Number Row.

Turn on a full numeric pad

Adding numeric pad is good, but you can also put dedicated numeric keypad. Click on 1234 key & you will see a numeric pad on your screen with many other keys.

Swipe the cursor key

Sometimes scrolling the cursor key is quite frustrating. So if you use the swipe option in space key, you can move the cursor by just swiping on space key.

Swipe and its deleted

To delete any text previously we need to hold on the delete key. But now with GBoard you can delete your extra unnecessary text by just swiping on the delete key to left side.

Shortcut Long Press for every key

You can enable the shortcut key for a symbol in the keypad just like we use number shortcut. To do this Preferences >Long press for symbols.

Some other useful tips

  1. Double tap space bar for period symbol.
  2. Long press a number key to see fraction value.

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