Top 7 PayPal Competitors in 2018 for personal use – Services like PayPal Credit for Merchants

Online transaction is the new money transfer mode in the world. Soon the trend will become necessity. If you are using online payment methods then you must have heard about PayPal. PayPal is an easy sending , receiving money via request all across the world.
There are so many rules & regulations which changes during time. Many times it results in partial transfer of money. If you are using PayPal as the primary way of money transfer, then you should be knowing more than this.

PayPal Alternative for Personal Use in 2018
PayPal Alternative for Personal Use in 2018

Why PayPal is Not the Best Choice? – Why Am I Not Using PayPal?

PayPal is not the best choice for money transfer. Here we have written some of the reasons to justify the statement.

  • PayPal is best, if you are transferring small amounts. As your transaction money increases , the transaction fee increases.
  • PayPal is supported in more than 150 countries, but still not in many countries which shows that PayPal is not an universal basis.
  • Many times it has been seen that money is inaccessible if someone block your account. You will not get your money until you are unblocked.
  • With each & every transaction , a premium is charged. If you are going to accept international payments, the premium costs too much & becomes a burden to us.

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Some of the Viable Alternatives to PayPal – PayPal Alternative for Personal Use in 2018

So after reading this you must be thinking to save your money from such commissions. You can easily do this by going to the alternatives of PayPal.
Some of the Best alternate options which can be replaced on PayPal.

 1. Google Wallet

It is mainly used in United States. Google Wallet is one of the best replacement of PayPal. It accepts all types of debit & Credit cards on worldwide basis. Google Wallet is not just a digital store , there are many merchants who accepts payment from Google Wallet.
The online shopping can be done easily without any fee charges. You can’t send money outside of United states yet. But soon the feature is going to be added.

 2. Skrill

With Skrill you can send & receive money among various users. The banking process is similar to the online banking which allows to send & receive money. via debit & credit card. The fee charged is on the basis of country with each transaction made.
It is mainly used to send money among users, merchants also accept the payment via Skrill. You can send money via Skrill with very low fee charges.

 3. Payza

You can transfer money via Payza in more than 21 currencies. Well, it is mainly used in US & Canada. It is supported by some banks & countries as well. You can easily add money to Payza via bank transfer or credit card.
You can register with Payza for Free. The money transfer charges are less than PayPal. There are various security features & payment service which proves Payza as a competition to PayPal.

 4. Payoneer

Payoneer is a very useful utility for online shoppers. There is no charge for those who just register with payoneer. You have to pay a small amount for the activation of card. After the activation of card is done , you can easily load your money into card from your bank accounts.
You can use this in multiple countries to access variable currencies. With the activate card, you can do online shopping & withdraw cash too with your MasterCard ATM.

 5. Transferwise

If you have international clients whom you receive & transfer money & you would like to keep your fee minimum then you can use Transferwise.
The usage of Transferwise is very easy. Each & every transfer is based on real time exchange rates. The trasnfer fee is very low. They provide better rates of exchange than any payment provider.

 6. Shopify Payments

Shopify E-commerce works with platform for good customer experience. There are multiple other features. It also can integrate with third party processors like Twitter & Pinterest & Facebook Shop. It also makes reconciliation along with reporting an easier task.

 7. Amazon Payments

Amazon payment is just limited to selling products. You can easily integrate the system of Amazon payment in other ways. It provides you strong branding.
As there is a big base of customers in Amazon , the payment details are stored in the database to make your payment faster. With single click you can purchase an item. There is a nominal charge for this transfer.
There are some other payment app in the world which you can consider. These are like WePay, Selz and Square,Stripe, Dwolla, 2Checkout .


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