Top 10 Hacking Tools for Linux & Windows

Hacking is all about being updated with all the tools & technology that are coming in the world. Hackers know the tools used in hacking in order to use them in hacking process. More the knowledge of hacking tools, more the exploitation can be done by hacker.
In this article we are going to provide you the details of the hacking tools so a person who is willing to become a hacker can read the details & learn about them. A brief introduction for all the tools are given to you. I advise you to study more about these Hacking tools. This will provide you enough information to you for your hacking career.

Popular Hacking Tools


  1. It is an abbreviation of network mapper. This is a network mapping tool which helps hosts in a large networks. It can scan all the hosts in the network. It was actually designed for the large network but if you will use it in a single user then it will work perfectly fine. This application is available on all platforms like Linux, windows & Mac. It was started as a command line tool but with the advancement in technology called Zenmap there is a GUI version available. This is a very popular tool for system administration. It is mainly used to check hosts , upgrade service & what firewall it is using.

The Metasploit Project

A very useful tool used for the penetration testing by a hacker. This helps the hacker to know about the security breaches of a network & audit them. It also creates an efficient management system for the network functionality. The most popular tool is named as open source Metasploit Framework Project. Somewhere it is also used for anti-forensic and evasion purposes.

Cain & Cabel

This is a passwords recovery tool for the Microsoft application. It used many techniques in order to recover passwords. These passwords are nor recovered by the software anomaly but through various protocol breaches. It uses techniques like recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptographic analysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. It is one of simplified tools for the password recovery. It can put some non-ethical utility in the windows PC.


This software is developed to detect vulnerability in the networks. This actually works on the principle of black box testing that means it does not study the programming. It analyze the html code to audit the security vulnerability in the network.


If you are in the middle of LAN attacks &you don’t want to lose the access then Ettercap is suitable then. It uses many techniques in order to create an access for the user & make multiple attacks on the target. The attacks includes unauthorized access, passwords attack & many more.
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It is a scanning tool which can scan the system remotely. It checks for the network vulnerability. To ensure the safety it runs 1200 tests on the network so that it can confirm that there is no security leak in the network. It is detects any of them it alarm the admin to know about it & fixes it before happening anything suspicious.

Angry IP scanner

Angry IP scanner is a very light weight IP scanner which is used to track IP & get the details of the host & other details Like MAC address & port number. This is done by checking very IP & detect if it is alive. This supports plugin. Any java code writer can write a plugin for it & adds the functions of this IP scanner.

John The Ripper

This tool is used to help the commercial network admin to decide a password to be weak or strong. A weak password can create more vulnerable situation in a network. It is a open source software designed for a Unix system. There is commercial version available for the users who like to have a GUI based application.

THC Hydra

It is a very light weight password detection tool . It is a very fast tool for the guess a password by using dictionary to find a combination of password & username. THC uses POP3 , IMAP , LDAP , VNC,SSH & SMB.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a integrated platform to find out the security attacks on a web application. This process includes testing, analysis, mapping to find out the various security aspects which can be exploited.
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There are many other tools which are yet to be explored in the time. But as a beginner & to deepen your understanding you must use them for at least once so that you will be able to have some decent knowledge in the field of hacking.
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