Top Online Gaming Companies in the World

Top Online Gaming Companies in the World

Whenever we talk about the digital world and its market, how can we should neglect the stocking business of online gaming companies? In the past many years when advancement is somehow getting frequently increased, the sphere of the internet and its related interfaces and platforms have also expanded.
Nowadays internet is the fastest mean of entertainment when bored, movies, songs, videos, series, books, news, even games and other entertain modes are now readily available over World Wide Web in friction of seconds with many queued options. In this specific content, we are exploring the analyzing about the global online gaming market which is in recent years growing too fast and is expected to reach up to $46.61 billion by 2020.
Today online gaming and esports has emerged as one of the popular business in the entertainment industry that has made people more addictive after video games. The live streaming of games and now even with esports tournaments has led some online gaming company richest firms in the digital industry. If you are one of the fans of online gaming and live to the stream of games over websites and other platforms, then let you help you to know which are those Great and Top Online Gaming Companies In The World which are true dedicators to gaming era.

Top Most Online Gaming Companies In The World

Online games are fo different types and themed, and some are quite difficult some are easier, and few are decoded with a strategy of winning millions. Online games are commonly based on Defense, Action, Sports, Puzzles and Scrabble Dictionary, Racing, and many more.

Microsoft Gaming Studios

 As being the leading and wealthiest online gaming firm, the total revenue estimated every year is $402.06 Billion, which excellently depicts the popularity of the firm and its streaming games. Microsoft studies started its gaming market in the year 2002 and is actually a sub-branch of a known software firm, Microsoft. Microsoft Gaming Studio was the highest and leading gaming company that earn game, fame, and bucks in billions in the year 2013-2014. The live Xbox and then Halo series marked Microsoft with high popularity and will surprise more in upcoming years with developed Gears, Softwares and Games.

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony is always the part of entertainment world from electronics, film world, studios, and gaming. Sony Computer Entertainment is one, and the only largest manufacturer is video games and consoles globally. The creation of PS2 was one of the highest selling consoles of all time worldwide. Sony is always the prime gaming competitor of many leading gaming companies in video games, online games and more. The versions and series by Sony Computer Entertainment are getting better with every release with total revenue of $17.49 Billion. The popular PlayStations is the expertising reason that has played a vital role in the stock and business of this gaming company.

Activision Blizzard

 The gaming history of Activation Blizzard was quite struggling in its early years, but now is one of the richest and known Online Gaming Companies In The World with a net worth of $29.93 Billion This company is basically a merger of two top entertaining companies together. The patch-up between Activision and Blizzard Entertainment was done in the year 2008 and thus resulted in one of world’s biggest gaming company. In the first few years, this gaming firm startup with unique ideas of making gaming more adventurous and introduced LAN gaming that allows your computer to get connected with others in massive battle games online. Later, Activision Blizzard created success after the release of Call of Duty, Warcraft, Starcraft, Density, etc with MMO (Massive Multi-player Online) interfaces.


 Well! Most of the people are just now aware that Apple is one of the richest and leading online gaming and consoling company in the world. With many valuable deals and deeds in gadgets, with iOS, Apple is immensely popular in creating and selling online games, for websites and apps as well. The total revenue of Apple In gaming industry is $526.82 Billion, which is quite impressive to surprise us. The application games such as Candy Crush, Clash of Kings, Saga, etc. Although, Apple is also famous for creating gaming gears and consoles. The newest creation of Apple is that the firm has made gaming robot “MekaMon” which can be easily connected through the smartphone.

Electronic Arts

 Whenever it is about online gaming world, we just can not forget to list up Electronic Arts commonly known as EA. The firm is one of the leading yet oldest gaming manufacturer in the digital entertainment world with a total count of $22.90 Billion in Gaming and Consoling, Electronic Arts is mainly credited for online games such as FIFA, NBA, NEL, NHL 95, Road Rash and more. The lastest growth of Electronic Arts was planned with a platform known as Fe with a launch for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin.


King is actually an online streaming game company, that is known for the social development playing over socializing platforms like Facebook, etc, through the multiplayer mechanism. Despite being developing web games, King is also known firm in creating mobile games for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones respectively. The net gross of King gaming company is estimated about $5.69 Billion which prove it a profitable gaming company globally. The favorite games by the king are Candy Crush, Dimond Digger, Farm Heroes, Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and more.

Bottom Line

 Unlike with fast growth of internet the exploring of websites for various themes and niches as affected the world of digitalization, there is also a rapid change in the growth of business and trade due to online bases. Despite being a trade increase over the internet, people are more addictive to open up the internet to get entertain. With millions of websites over the internet, people are getting thousands of answers in just nanoseconds of one query which sound quite impressive. Some people look for informative solutions over the internet, some opt for shopping, and even to get entertain. So you now know the Top Gaming Companies Of The World, you can quickly generate your interest in the type of games you want to play in easy means.

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