Health issues with Wi-fi network – Does Wi-fi causes Cancer?

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Many of us must have thought about the bad effects of Wi-fi. We are using the Wi-fi technology from so many years. Some of our friends must have discussed about the adverse affects of the wi-fi signals. First thing we say is that it could cause cancer. WHO has conducted an experiment on these low level electromagnetic fields. Wi-fi health
Radio waves have changed the world in many aspects. Once when it was started ,it came with the radio transmission. Now it is replacing the wired network like ethernet, telephone lines etc. Now in some years when radio waves has given us a new facility called wi-fi. What is health with Wi-fi health. This wi-fi has given us many services on Internet. Now wi-fi is used in homes for the Internet Access. Some of us says that if the use of wi-fi is maximized then it could lead the users into bad health conditions.
Many parents are very conscious about the health of their children those for using Internet for watching videos. Almost all talk about the radiation that could harm us through brain. First of all , not every radiation is harmful. The sunlight which is coming to us is also a EM Radiation. And that’s because of that EM Radiation our earth is a green planet.
We have done some research in the whole matter. There are two types of radiation i.e.  Ionizing and Non-ionizing.

What type of radiation is Wi-fi is ?

Ionizing radiation is that type of radiation which carry some free electrons in it. This type of radiation is too dangerous for any one .You must have heard of those radiation i.e X-rays , UV rays etc. If anyone is exposed to these radiation for longer time than his or her health will be in risk.
The other one is Non- Ionizing Radiation, Wi-fi is one of them . It do not carry any type of electrons that can create a change in any human body. The example for Non- Ionizing radiation is visible light, radio waves, and infrared radiation. Some of Non-ionizing radiations have longer wave length than those of light but still they are not harmful. As there is an absence of electrons in the waves, it is not capable of breaking chemical bonds of human body or some thing other.
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Wi-fi health, Intensity and it’s range

There is often reasoning given by people in reference to the micro waves radiation. As both of them have same range in the spectrum. The above statement is true but the explanation is that the intensity of the radiation is less in case of Wi-fi router. A household microwave produces 600 Watt energy while the wi-fi router produces very less than that i.e. 1 W power.

Wi-fi health
Wi-fi health

The last reason which I like to tell all of you is based on a Law. It states that ” The Intensity of radiation is inversely proportional with the distance between Source & receiver. If you are far from the Wi-fi Router than the intensity will be lesser than the maximum & if you are very close to the wi-fi router than the maximum intensity will be 1 Watt which can’t harm you at all.

WHO says about Wi-fi health

WHO concluded that there is no health issues in using the Wi-fi networks in your place. The report can bee seen from the given link from here. We have many other issues that can cause health problems with us.
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