NTFS Bug crashes the system for Windows 7 or Windows 8 users – Allow websites to crash Windows OS Filesystem

Here we are going to tell you about the NTFS bug that can crash Windows 7 & Windows 8 PCs.

ArsTechnica Discovered a New Windows Bug Like ConCon

This month is the biggest nightmare for the Windows Users. The attack & losses that WannaCry has made to Windows PC is an historic event in the World.
And now there is a new bug which came after 1990. This bug is discovered recently which can slow down the Windows PC. According to the resports of Arstechnicia , a user with bad intention can exploit the bug to attack other’s PC by using certain bad filenames. This will result in locking the PC or crash it with a blue screen of death (BSOD).

BSOD Error After NTFS File System Error

So if you do not know about the bug then remember the old bug i.e. concon. This bug was appeared in Windows 95 & Windows 98 OS. & was a security vulnerability. This would crash the systems with links such that file:///C:/con/con.

ArsTechnica Discovered a New Windows Bug Like ConCon
ArsTechnica Discovered a New Windows Bug Like ConCon

Working of File System Bug which Hangs or Crashes Windows 7

Working of this bug is as follows. The bug allows a website to load an image file with “$MFT” name in the directory path. “$MFT” is the filename given to the special metadata file that is used by Windows NTFS filesystems. As the file with same name is existing in root directory of each NTFS volume. The file is hidden & inaccessible to any application software. The file handling of this file is done by NTFS driver in special ways.

 ArsTechnica Discovered a New Windows Bug Like ConCon

ArsTechnica Discovered a New Windows Bug Like ConCon

What to do after File System Bug Occurs

If someone try to embed certain filenames by using them as a image source, it can lock the system or occasionally crash with Blue Screen Error. For example , if you are trying to open the file c:\$MFT\123, NTFS driver lock the file system  for ever. There will be no method to release it. As a results there is no application which can access the file system i.e any file from the hard disk.
This results in slow system or leave it it in hang or deadlock state. There are more chance of having Blue screen of Death. The only solution left is to reboot your PC.
This bug is now informed to the Microsoft. There is no official announcement that when the Microsoft will fix the issue. The only good news is that the Windows 10 users are not affected by this problem.
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